Sunday, March 26, 2017

US Confirms That Coalition Air Strikes Killed 200 Civilians In West Mosul Last Week

Washington Post: Rescue workers find 101 bodies in Mosul building destroyed in alleged U.S.-led strike

IRBIL, Iraq — Rescue workers said Sunday they had finished extracting more than 100 bodies from the ruins of a house in Mosul where the U.S.-led coalition is alleged to have carried out an airstrike.

The remains of 101 people had been recovered from the rubble by the end of the day, said Col. Safaa Saadi, a civil defense official on the scene. Families may have also removed “a few” bodies from the wrecked building themselves without registering them, he said.

The civil defense teams are still working to clear other houses in the decimated neighborhood, where residents say some families were wiped out during a heavy bombardment involving coalition airstrikes and artillery as Iraqi forces advanced.

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