Tuesday, March 28, 2017

U.S. Sending Strategic Weapons 'In Secret' To South Korea

A U.S. Air Force F-35B stealth fighter takes off from its base in Japan, Thursday, to participate in a joint drill between South Korea and the U.S., in this handout photo made available Saturday by U.S. Forces Korea. / Yonhap

Korea Times: US sending strategic weapons in greater secrecy

The U.S. armed forces appear to have been sending their strategic weapons to South Korea in greater secrecy, a move that would maximize fear for North Korea.

A military official said on condition of anonymity, Sunday, that increasing the dispatch of weapons in secret reflects the Donald Trump administration's shifting toward offensive measures in dealing with the North's evolving threats as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed to explore all options including military action.

"Surprise dispatch of strategic weapons is effective in maximizing fear in the North as it sends a message that such weapons can be mobilized any time in case of a contingency," the official said.

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Update: US Secretly Deploying Strategic Assets To Korea To Freak Out Kim Jong-Un (Daily Caller)

WNU Editor: North Korea has become aggressive in the past few months. The assassination of Kim Jong-nam (the North Korean leader's brother) has changed the dynamics on what to expect from North Korea .... to the point that right now no one knows for sure what may happen next .... hence the military buildup.

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Anonymous said...

I think this, together with Russian meddling in affairs all over Europe and the US, are the two biggest stories at the moment. Trump is moving quickly to escalate the situation in North Korea. To whose advantage? North Korea will never give up their nuclear ambitions (it's Kim Jong Un's only path to stay alive and stay in power, which you can bet he wants to stay). So... North Korea won't back down and soon will be able to inflict pain on the U.S.. Imagine just one warhead landing on US soil (likely West Coast, think San Francisco).. and, with the help from other state players, think Iran/China, this is becoming an ever increasing reality from a technology and intelligence perspective.. so what's going on here? The US is moving quickly to a position of either war with North Korea, or risking a first strike on their soil. Both are terrible options. The only way to get out is to assassinate the leader of North Korea, and are we really in the business of doing that? Under whose authority? My suggestion is to open up North Korea by engaging with them in more trade, by bringing up their living standards.. happy people want to stay happy and usually don't want a war or nuclear war. That's the beauty of capitalism, it's bringing peace through stability and abundance (half joking here, as it only works for about half on this planet) :)