Friday, March 3, 2017

US Launches Second Round Of Airstrikes On Al Qaeda Targets In Yemen

Reuters: U.S. hits al Qaeda in Yemen with new wave of strikes

The United States carried out another wave of strikes against al Qaeda in Yemen overnight, residents and U.S. officials said on Friday, in the latest sign of increasing U.S. military focus on a group whose strength has grown during Yemen's civil war.

A day after U.S. forces carried out more than 20 air strikes in Yemen, residents reported another U.S. assault in the Wadi Yashbum village in the southern Shabwah province including about 10 to 15 air strikes.

Residents said some of the strikes hit civilian homes and a number of civilians were among the wounded.

About three hours later, residents in the Jabal Mugan area of neighboring Abyan province also reported air strikes.

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WNU Editor: As I speculated yesterday .... it looks like last month's SEAL raid on an Al Qaeda base yielded some intel .... Hundreds of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula contacts found in Yemen raid, US official says (ABC News).

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