Friday, March 10, 2017

U.S. Senator John McCain: Turkey-Kurd Tensions In Syria War Are A ‘Train Wreck’

Turkey-Kurd Tension in Syria War a ‘Train Wreck,’ McCain Warns. Bloomberg

Bloomberg: Turkey-Kurd Tension in Syria War a ‘Train Wreck,’ McCain Warns

Senator John McCain warned of a looming “train wreck” over tensions between Turkey and Kurdish factions as the war against Islamic State moves toward the terrorist group’s stronghold in Syria.

Turkey and the Kurds may end up fighting each other instead of working together with the U.S. to capture Islamic State’s Syrian base of Raqqa, McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Thursday as the panel heard testimony from the top U.S. commander in the Middle East.

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WNU Editor: Senator John McCain is right. This analysis is also spot on .... Analysis: US troop increase risks tangling in Syria's war (AP).

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RussInSoCal said...

Thank you, Captain Obvious. It is good that we have Senator McCain here to tell us these things. /

Aizino Smith said...


You beat me to it.

There is a ring knocker saying. "You rate what you skate"

By this philosophy McCain deserves to be rich and powerful congressman, however stupid and low IQ he actually is.

At this rate McCain could be made an honorary member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

So move over hank Johnson and Elijah Cummings!

Yes, it is true.

And yes, the Black Caucus is LIBERAL; Conservative blacks need not apply. Yes, Mia Love joined the CBC, but the Left shows her no love.

All past and present members of the caucus have been African-American. In 2006, while running for Congress in a Tennessee district which is 60% black, white candidate Steve Cohen pledged to apply for membership in order to represent his constituents. However, after his election, his application was refused.[13] Although the bylaws of the caucus do not make race a prerequisite for membership, former and current members of the caucus agreed that the group should remain "exclusively black". In response to the decision, Rep. Cohen referred to his campaign promise as "a social faux pas" because "It's their caucus and they do things their way. You don't force your way in. You need to be invited."
Rep. William Lacy Clay, Jr., Democrat of Missouri, the son of Rep. William Lacy Clay Sr., a co-founder of the caucus, said: "Mr. Cohen asked for admission, and he got his answer. He's white and the caucus is black. It's time to move on. We have racial policies to pursue and we are pursuing them, as Mr. Cohen has learned. It's an unwritten rule. It's understood." Clay also issued the following statement:

The one drop rule is alive and well. Jim Crow lives; at the end of the Selma march Jim Crow was resurrected as a black man.