Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Venezuelan Government Now Wants To Nationalise The Country's Bakeries

The Venezuelan government is making moves to expropriate bakeries that it deems to be non-compliant with its new regulations (El Estimulo).

Panam Post: Venezuelan Regime Threatens to Expropriate Bakeries, Jeopardizing Bread

The baking industry in Venezuela is hanging by a thread, after a new threat of expropriation by the regime of president Nicolás Maduro.

Bakeries in the South American country must not only face price control, currency controls, and the government monopoly on imported raw materials, but will also be obliged to meet three requirements: continuous production, regulation of raw material, and verification of the legality of their inputs.

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Update: Venezuela threatens to seize bakeries amid bread shortage (UPI)

WNU Editor: This will only continue a trend of expropriation that has become the hallmark of this government .... Venezuelan government controls more than 500 businesses — and most are losing money (Miami Herald).

Update: Opposition outside of Venezuela to the government continues .... OAS head urges bloc suspend Venezuela over elections. (VOA).


Aizino Smith said...

Young Communist is bound to be happy.

Venezuela is moving closer and closer to nirvana.

Actually, Venezuela is counterclockwise down to the septic pit that is communism.

Unknown said...

WNE has first hand experience of the joy's of communism. From what I have observed in my 38 years on this planet is that socialism/communism always, without fail, ends in this way. It is like Margaret Thatcher said, 'The trouble with socialism is you end up running out of other peoples money'.

B.Poster said...


I couldn't have put this any better. As the editor once said, he has no interest in buying or wearing that t-shirt ever again to roughly paraphrase him. Having seen it's end results second hand numerous times I have no interest in ever trying on that t-shirt much less buying it.

Unfortunately America seems far to keen to try and experiment with this. After all had the Democrats not conspired to give the nomination to HRC we might very well have ended up with President Bernie Sanders and Vice President Elizabeth Warren. Either of them likely would have had had much better chance of beating DJT than the team of Clinton/Kaine.