Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Who To Believe?

Politico: Nunes, White House defiant as Russia controversy deepens

The House intelligence chairman says there's no reason for him to step down from probe into ties between Trump's campaign and Russia.

Embattled House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on Tuesday rejected calls for his recusal, questioning why he should step aside from leading the panel’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the presidential election and possible collusion between Russian officials and President Donald Trump’s associates.

“Well, why would I not?” Nunes (R-Calif.) told reporters when asked whether he’d continue to lead the investigation. “Why would it not?” he said when asked whether the probe could continue with him at the helm.

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WNU Editor: Another day in the Trump - Russia story .... where we learn one thing from the media in the morning .... Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia (Washington Post), an explanation later .... Former acting attorney general Yates warned that testimony could be barred (USA Today), and the truth later .... White House Denies Claims That Former Attorney-General Sally Yates’ Testimony Was Blocked (NBC). What's my take .... this specific controversy blew up when the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes went to the White House last week to review intel documents that verified surveillance was being done on the Trump team. And while everyone in the media, the Democrats, and the usual 2 Republican senators (McCain and Graham) are now upset with where the investigation is going (i.e. who permitted the surveillance of the Trump team and the unmasking of who was under surveillance and not the Russia-Trump story) .... I find it fascinating that no one is demanding to see the intel documents that caused this uproar in the first place. There must be something there, because if there was not every Democrat would have read what Devin Nunes had read .... and they would be accusing him of gross misconduct at a level far greater and louder than what they are doing now. As for the chaos in this investigation ... as I have said more than once .... for this "investigation" to move forward .... the Democrats and the media now need to produce evidence and officials to validate their claims .... instead of demanding a special investigation and/or prosecutor to look for the evidence that validates their case .... in short conducting a witch-hunt in the hope of finding something. But that is not going to happen .... it is clear the Republicans are united on this one .... and it is also clear that after months of claims and accusations .... the Democrats have nothing .... and I will not be surprised if months from now they will still have nothing to show. But this story is far from dead. There is a lot of damning evidence that the Trump team was under surveillance by someone in the U.S. government .... this blog alone posted many stories from the media on leaks that could only have come from a surveillance operation .... and that is where in the end the investigation will probably lead. In the meantime .... and I feel like a broken record because nothing new has been produced since all of these claims started after the election .... here is the usual main stream media reporting of this story ....

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Former Attorney General Sally Yates Says White House Tried Limiting Her Russia Testimony -- AP
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'Why would I?': House Intel Committee chairman Devin Nunes says he's NOT recusing himself from Russia probe - and wins support of Paul Ryan - after Democrats demand he step aside -- Daily Mail
House Speaker backs intelligence panel chair in Russia probe -- Reuters
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Will Republicans ever agree to an independent probe of the Russia scandal? (Paul Waldman, Washington Post)


jimbrown said...

The richness of the dems somehow making Nunes the bad guy is beyond the pale of rational thought.

Blackdog said...

Your bias is showing. It did not verified that they were being surveyed. If anything it verified that they were getting caught up in surveillance. Legal surveillance at that. And the senator refuses to share the information with his own intelligence committee or the person who gave them to him. Like they don't have the clearance for it. I suggest you expand your horizons on the news coverage that you are reading. Seem to be picking some information and leaving out other info.

fred lapides said...

that is a silly remark. Worse than silly. Nunes has made himself an impossible person to lead the investigation, and any and all things that come out of that so called inquiry is forever tainted. A special non partisan investigation is needed. For you merely to belittle the Dems shows a bias since the suspicious actions of Nunes have been amply noticed by so many.

War News Updates Editor said...

Blackdog. The leaks that the media have been posting for the past few months shows that someone or someones collected this intel, organised it, and fed it back to the media. That is not legal surveillance .... far from it. That is called breaking the law.

I do not know who is the senator that you are saying is refusing to share his info with his own intelligence committee. Senator Pat Roberts is the chairman of the US Senate Committee on intel .... but he has not been a major player on this story. House Intelligence Chairman Nunes has been a major payer on this story, and it is true that he has made the decision to not tell the committee who is the source for his information (a statement that was made after I had made this post) .... fair enough .... but he has also told all of the committee members that they can see the intel documents that he saw. That is not someone who is refusing to share his intelligence .... he is someone who wants them to see it.

The opposition to House Intelligence Chairman Nunes by Democrats and many in the media is not surprising to me. When President Trump announced over 2 weeks ago that he was under surveillance by the Obama administration .... and now Nunes essentially saying that the President was right and that he has some evidence that proves it .... have together completely changed the media and Democrat narrative of the past 3 months (i.e. that Trump colluded with the Russians). And my prediction still holds .... an out going administration leaking surveillance intel to the press to damage an incoming administration is a block-buster story ... and we have not gotten to the bottom of that story .... far from it. House Intelligence Chairman Nunes has signalled to everyone that he wants to get to the bottom of that story .... so I do expect the campaign to discredit and destroy Nunes in the coming weeks will intensify to a level that we have not seen in decades.

Jay Farquharson said...

Denin Nunes didn't get his super duper, so classified intel on the Trump "wiretapp" that nobody else in the world other than him, Trump and his staff, has the security clearance to see it, or hear it, FROM the WhiteSupremacy House,

He got his super duper, extra fries top secret intel on the Trump "wiretapp" AT the WhiteSupremacy House.


Blackdog said...

Both parties leak what they want known or not hidden. The someone's that collected the Intel did so under the foreign intelligence surveillance act of 1978. It is not illegal. If you talk to someone who is being investigated U2 will be heard. Like many in trumps inner circle. Nunes did not essentially said the president was right. "The intelligence community incidentally collected information about American citizens involved in the Trump transition". As for Trump's assertion that Obama wiretapped him Nunes repeated "that didn't happen". They have not change the narrative. That the Russians interfered with the election and Trump inner circle may have been in collusion with them. There is a big list of individuals that have been named. And that is why people are still investigating and talking about it. I don't post much but I read everything and I want to thank you for your response to my post.