Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Are They Angry?


Anonymous said...

A bit smug and priggish WNU. You seem alarmed by claims of extreme left-wing violence and protest for which you offer no evidence. However, when the president calls on his supporters to attack and use violence against those who disagree with him, and those people go around murdering people because they look different (Kansas), you don't seem bothered at all. It'd be nice if Trump supporters acknowledged their double standards.

BTW, Mr. President and the Republicans, you guys won, the campaign is over, get back to Washington and do something constructive for a change.

fred lapides said...

We did not see protests like this when Bush won, nor when Obama won, nor when Clinton won, nor when Nixon won, etc etc...perhaps it might be wise to ask yourself why this is taking place

Hans Persson said...

Its easy to awnser: It's the generation of no respect.

fred lapides said...

You are wrong Hans
I know of people well over 50 who have participated and will continue to participate in protests against Trump...it is Trump and not the GOP thus far they are protesting...I also have children and grandchildren of this generation and they are great human beings and to disrespect them reflects on you and not them. They serve in our military as 20 year olds...and they desere better than to be badmouthed! My oldest son served, my yunger son served. I served...go forth and stop spewing nonsense.

War News Updates Editor said...

I am a student of the U.S. for the past 35 years. The culture has definitely changed .... and we are seeing it now manifested in people refusing to recognise the legitimacy of elections and their results. This use to be the purview of the extreme right .... but it is now the progressive left who has adopted this mindset. The hate and disrespect level is off the scale .... and President Trump has only started his term. And I predict this is only going to get worse .... especially since the opposition cannot do anything to stop President Trump .... and the opinion polls (like IBDEditorial that predicted accurately the 2016 election) are now saying that President Trump's support and opposition to the media and opponents is only solidifying. http://www.investors.com/politics/public-turned-off-by-medias-relentlessly-negative-coverage-of-trump-ibdtipp-poll/

I have always said that there are many issues that one can oppose President Trump on .... and where alternatives can be legitimately presented. But President Trump's opponents are making a fatal mistake with the road that they are taking. Intolerance, calling opponents racists/bigots/criminals/and worse, and attacking supporters of President Trump (i.e. Berkeley) is not what the majority of Americans will ever support .... and they will make that clear in 2018 unless the Democrats and progressive groups do a rethink on how they want to express their opposition.

fred lapides said...

Your expertise is that you have been aware of American culture for many years? golly. me too. And i am 87...All cultures change. The most turbulent times in the US were during the anti Nam protests, but they were about the war and did not focus upon one person. Then there were the 60s counter culture. and they broke into anti system protests and communal dropouts...again, not against a single man in charge.
How can you show distain for an entire generation when so many in that group serve in our military, or voted for Trump? Overall distain is simply wrong...and, in passing, would that Germans had not flocked to the new guy in power when Hitler took charge! (I am not comparing hitler to trump but indicating protesting as sometimes needed).
There would not be this major outburst, which is not going to end, unless some underlying cause were there.
ps: I recall with a smile how the 50s were called the passive generation because nothing much was going on to disrupt things. But for me, I wAs offloading from troop ship and going ashore for the Pusan Perimeter, in 1950...a bit less than passive for many of us.

War News Updates Editor said...

Maybe for you Fred it is the man .... and like many who did not like President Clinton personally .... President Trump also has many personal characteristics that "turns-off" many people. I can understand that sentiment ... I am guilty of that too.

But a good deal of opposition to President Trump is based on policy .... and how he wants to basically "blow-up" a system that many people feel has abandon them. For those who are vested in this system and the status quo .... President Trump is a direct threat to them .... and they have been responding non-stop 48 hours after the election result to stop him. I predicted it then .... and I am still sticking with that analysis. My comments on this opposition is not an expression of disdain .... that is not my character .... I am just stating my own observations and opinions.

Nick Sebastian said...

Go to a American university, talk to the students then tell me there is no issue. America is at a turning point.

Aizino Smith said...

These are Creamer's & Jan Schakowskis's children.

They care for them.

They feed them

They pay them.

Jan Schakowskis needs to be impeached and brought up on capital charges.

Annatar could no better than that utter bitch.

Aizino Smith said...

Policy ...

The U.S. cannot afford 20 trillion dollars of debt.

More people will have to work.