Monday, March 13, 2017

Will Australia And China Become Close Allies?

Rowan Callick, The Australian: Beijing waits for Canberra to make ‘the China choice’

China is preoccupied with domestic and global issues galore.

Although Australia is not at the front of Beijing’s thoughts, we are not as remote or exotic as it seemed a decade ago when the rise of a Mandarin speaker as prime minister was mind-blowing for many Chinese.

The range and depth of engagement is now vast. Within Chinese universities there are 31 Australian Studies centres — almost as many as there are at Australian institutions.

A conference was held at the weekend at the Foreign Studies University in Beijing on “China, the US and Australia Relations in the Trump Era”. The prelude to the conference was the launch of the first “blue book” — published in Chinese — on developments in Australia and in Australia-China relations, which will become an annual review.

It came soon after a flurry of excitement in Chinese foreign-­affairs circles when Australia’s ambassadors were “recalled” for a meeting in Canberra.

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WNU Editor: China and Australia may have close economic ties .... and they may agree on many issues .... but the political and social culture of both countries are complete opposites that would make any deep political alliance very unlikely. This also does not help ....

But China is making i clear to Australia that they are on their "radar" .... Chinese naval ships close to Australia? 'Get used to it', experts warn (Sydney Morning Herald).


Jac said...

I don't understand some tell things like that. It's exactly if we suppose that ISIS and the Pope make an alliance.

RussInSoCal said...

I think the forced-subservient role China envisions for Australia in this close political alliance is one that most Australians would bristle at. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

No, The culture in Aussy is very racist. Everyday people see China as an invading force of uneducated, arrogant and simply slant eyes. American culture is alive and well and its influence is absolute. Despite the large trade with China, people are very aware that in all sense of things we are enemies.

fazman said...
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fazman said...

The culture here is NOT racist particulary not towards the chinese, if anyone is getting the dirty end of the stick its way more towards those on the sub continent.
Govt is pressured left right and centre by labour (democrats) to establish a new order and develop a asian hub.
The man on the street whilst admiring our chinese students and medical academic results, fantastic food and cheap consumer goods and babes without cellulite lol ARE Semper Fi!:)

Aizino Smith said...

There is a difference between Chinese and other peoples?

I doubt it. I have not seen it. I have seen the opposite.

they are a different in group out group. They have a different set of rulers/overlords /masters.

but really they are no different.

fazman said...

Yulan festival, different alright

Aizino Smith said...

The Yulan festival has reference to hungry ghosts and to dogs.

I think you are talking about eating dogs.

Not sure how widespread eating dogs is. Maybe WNU would know.

I never saw dog on the menu in Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai or Beijing.

Snails were on the menu in Suzhou and pigs feet in Beijing. I am pretty sure that pigs feet is foreign devil food.

American Indians use to eat dog I think.

The French eat horses.

So I am not sure how different eating dogs makes you.

Everyone knows guinea pigs are pets; the Andean Indians eat them.