Friday, March 3, 2017

World News Briefs -- March 3, 2017 (Evening Edition)

UN Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria Staffan de Mistura, left, attends a round of negotiation with Syria's main opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) leader Nasr al-Hariri (not pictured), during the Intra Syria talks, at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday, March 3, 2017. REUTERS/Salvatore Di Nolfi/Pool

Reuters: Syrian opposition accepts U.N. principles at end of peace talks

The Syrian opposition has provisionally accepted 12 principles given to delegates by the United Nations at the end of an eight-day round of peace talks, chief negotiator Nasr al-Hariri said.

The general principles on the future of Syria were derived from points set out by U.N. mediator Staffan de Mistura last year, Hariri told reporters after the final meeting of the round of U.N.-led talks in Geneva, the first in 10 months.

He said the round had ended without clear results but for the first time issues related to political transition had been discussed in acceptable depth.

His rival, Syrian government negotiator Bashar al-Ja'afari, left the talks without commenting.

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U.N. sets agenda for next round of Syria talks, includes 'terrorism'.

US forces look on as allies clash in north Syria.

Palmyra: Russia-backed Syria army retakes ancient city.

Russia's General Staff reveals details of Palmyra operation.

Syrian delegation: Opposition holding Geneva talks 'hostage Syria peace talks inch forward under diplomatic pressure.

Mosul victims treated for chemical agents as displacement accelerates.

Thousands flee Iraq's Mosul overnight, as fighting rages on.

Rival Kurdish groups clash in Iraq's Sinjar region.

Yemen officials see latest US strikes as sustained operation.

Turkish foreign minister accuses Germany of double standards. Tunisia, Germany announce new immigration deal.


China says Dalai Lama border visit would damage India ties.

ASIO warns tourists and expats of terrorist threat in South-East Asia.

China's economic concerns mount as thousands gather for congress.

China congress: BBC team forced to sign confession.

Beijing to restrict tourism to South Korea amid THAAD protests.

UN raises concerns over abuses, torture in Sri Lanka.

Malaysia deports North Korean man released because of insufficient evidence in murder of Kim Jong Nam.


Libyan militias seize control of major oil terminals. East Libyan forces clash with rivals near oil ports: officials.

UN chief to visit Kenya as famine threatens region.

U.S. steps up in Somalia As al-Shabab proves a stubborn foe.

Multiple blasts rock Nigerian city: emergency service.

UN Security Council begins Africa trip focused on Boko Haram.

Morocco boasts success fighting terrorism.

Congo police arrest separatist cult leader after violent standoff.

Hosni Mubarak acquitted in final ruling on killings during 2011 Arab Spring uprising in Egypt.

Zimbabwe floods killed 246, made thousands homeless.

Zimbabwe journalists arrested over Mugabe health report.


Macron gets presidential poll boost as Fillon crisis deepens.

Sinn Fein, DUP neck-and-neck in snap Northern Ireland election.

Fillon faces growing pressure to step down as backers quit campaign. France election: New blow for Fillon as spokesman quits.

Theresa May: Scotland's government 'obsessed' with independence. PM Theresa May comes out fighting for United Kingdom. British PM May says preserving union a prime goal.

EU Parliament calls for end to visa-free travel for U.S. citizens. EU must reintroduce visas for US citizens, say European lawmakers.

Italy migrant rescues hit new high as Libya exit rises.

Nearly 1,000 refugees rescued in Mediterranean.

‘Don’t feed the migrants’: Calais mayor bans charities from distributing food to prevent new Jungle.

Greece seeks France's help on bailout, eyes 2017 bond 'test'.

Women 'weaker, less intelligent' - Polish MEP Korwin-Mikke.

First results in Northern Ireland Assembly election.

Merkel 'plans US meeting with Trump mid-March'.


'It was the right decision': Bush says he has 'no regrets' about invading Iraq and Afghanistan when asked how he feels when he sees wounded veterans.

Trump, hitting back, accuses Schumer of Putin ties.

Two Republicans sign on to effort demanding Trump’s tax returns.

Trump labels Democrats criticism of Sessions a 'witch hunt'.

Donald Trump's Vice-President Mike Pence used private email while governor and was hacked. WH defends Pence's use of private email while governor.

Press coverage of Trump in first month of office: 88 percent ‘hostile,’ says new study.

Brazil lower house to vote on pension reform in late April: speaker.

Players strike delays start of Argentina football season.

MS-13 gang accused of New York murders.

Venezuela's epileptic patients struggle with seizures amid drug shortage.

Canada officials say they are 'monitoring' the influx.

Rene Preval, who led Haiti amid catastrophe, dies at 74.


Pentagon confirms new U.S. strikes in Yemen, but says no U.S. raids.

Yemen: US air strikes 'target al-Qaeda' for second consecutive day. 8 Qaeda killed in second day of US strikes: Yemeni officials.

US tries to ID hundreds of al Qaeda contacts thanks to Yemen raid.

Taliban say senior commander dies in suspected US strike.


Wall Street steady after Yellen signals rate hike this month.

Yellen to speak after Fed officials hint rate hike is near.

NBCUniversal invested $500 million in Snap Inc as part of IPO.

Bitcoin value tops price of gold ounce for first time.

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