Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Britain Goes To The Polls On June 8 -- News Updates April 18, 2017

Daily Mail: Britain is to go to the polls in just seven weeks as Theresa May stuns Westminster by calling a snap election so she can 'get the job done' on Brexit after having a moment of clarity on Snowdonia holiday

* Prime Minster announced she wants an election to ensure 'strong leadership' in the Brexit negotiations ahead
* May must win a vote in the Commons tomorrow night but this is a formality as Corbyn has said he will back it
* The PM made the announcement of a June 8 poll after a Cabinet meeting of her top ministers in No 10 today
* Corbyn said Labour would offer the country an 'effective alternative' that was a 'credible choice' for Britain
* SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon accused May of consulting the polls and putting party ahead of her country
* Ex PM David Cameron hailed May's surprise decision to call a general election as the 'brave and right' one

Theresa May sprung a massive surprise on the nation and her own ministers today by announced a snap general election for June 8 - insisting she needs a mandate to 'get the job done' on Brexit.

In a dramatic statement on the steps of Downing Street, the Prime Minister fired the starting gun on a poll that she hopes will deliver her an unassailable majority to shape the country's future.

She blamed opposition parties who have been trying to frustrate Brexit for her sudden change of heart after months insisting she will not hold an election - singling out Nicola Sturgeon's efforts to exploit the situation to tear the UK apart.

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WNU Editor: UK Prime Minister May has a 20% lead in the polls. This is her election to lose.

Britain Goes To The Polls On June 8 -- News Updates April 18, 2017

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