Sunday, April 9, 2017

China Is Taking A Page From British Naval History To Dominate The South China Sea


Jarrett Stepman, National Interest: How China Plans to Dominate the South China Sea: Copy Great Britain

A storm is gathering in the South China Sea, and it seems inevitable there will be a showdown between China and the United States over this vital global trade route. But the conflict is not just about power—it’s about the ideas that the two nations see as the heart of the heart of the international system they wish to uphold.

China has frequently tested American presidents over what it can get away within this crucial waterway, and President Donald Trump will likely be on the receiving end of the same treatment. China continues to build island garrisons in what are considered international waters, and it is unclear whether the United States will take action to prevent this buildup. But China’s aggressive actions are more than just a rising nation flexing its strength. It is an open challenge to the American idea of free and open trading routes.

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WNU Editor: It worked for the British. Will it work for the Chinese .... we shall see.


Anonymous said...

But the British controlled much of the world, and its water was, I just don't see how controlling the south China Sea would accomplish the same; and tariffs on what? Trade ways with Japan? Lol they can dream on. ..I think this is just about natural resources and establishing a bigger buffer to protect the main land

Andrew Jackson said...

They will have a nice home with the Imperial Japanese Navy,lol!