Saturday, April 15, 2017

Chinese Media Erroneously Reported That North Korea Had Fired A Projectile During Yesterday's Annual "Day Of The Sun" Celebration Parade

Zero Hedge: Chinese Media Almost Sets Off Military Action With Erroneous North Korea Headline

As expected - and feared - during the annual "Day of the Sun" celebration parade (celebrating the birth of the nation's founder), Bloomberg blasted a headline that Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that North Korea has fired a projectile.

However, it appears that the headline scanning algos made a collosal error, and that Xinhua interpreted events quite incorrectly as it was, as CBC and Reuters reports, the appearance of a new submarine-launched missile at the parade for the first time:

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WNU Editor: I doubt that a media headline will start an accidental war. But for consumers of the news like all of us .... it is something that makes us scramble to other news websites to find out if it is true.

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