Friday, April 7, 2017

Chinese Mining Company Is Interested In Buying An Abandoned Naval Base On Greenland

Reuters: Denmark spurned Chinese offer for Greenland base over security: sources

Denmark decided to turn down an offer last year from Chinese mining company General Nice Group to buy an abandoned naval base on Greenland due to security concerns, sources involved in the decision said.

Danish politicians did not want to jeopardize their country's relationship with the United States, Copenhagen's main ally, by granting another power a potentially military foothold in Greenland, the sources told Reuters.

In a statement to Reuters, the Danish defense ministry said the base at Gronnedal - which had been put up for sale - would be reopened as a strategic and logistical location for storing fuel and materiel and for training personnel. It did not comment on the Chinese offer.

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WNU Editor: The offer has been rejected.


Jac said...

I don't know what Chinese's are smoking. Why not to buy the naval base of Norfolk?

RussInSoCal said...

I'm in favor of any setback for the Chinese.

TWN said...

This a speech give in China in 2005,I don't know if is relevant it's certainly scary if the Chinese believe, in this but it's worth a read.