Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Conflicting Messages From Washington On Russia's Role In The Syrian Chemical Attack

Paul D. Shinkman, US News and World Report: U.S. Pushes Back Against Reports Russia Knew of Syrian Chemical Attack

U.S. investigators are not yet certain that Russia was complicit in the April 4 chemical attack in Idlib, Syria, that prompted a U.S. strike in retaliation.

The U.S. government pushed back Monday against reports of a clear connection between Moscow and the Syrian military's chemical attack last week that killed scores of civilians, including children.

The Associated Press reported that Russia knew in advance of Syria's April 4 chemical weapons attack in the city of Idlib, citing an unnamed U.S. official. The claim represents a serious accusation tying Russia to an internationally recognized war crime that prompted the U.S. to launch Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian base that officials say launched the strike. It also complicates opportunities for Moscow to cooperate with the U.S. on peace talks ahead of hosting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later this week.

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WNU Editor:
Late last night I read this report .... White House says no 'consensus' on whether Russia knew about Syria chemical attack (Washington Examiner). This morning I read this report .... U.S. Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming (Chicago Tribune/AP), followed then by this report .... White House Accuses Russia of Cover-Up in Syria Chemical Attack (New York Times). And now we are back to the original position (see above post .... U.S. Pushes Back Against Reports Russia Knew of Syrian Chemical Attack Paul D. Shinkman, US News and World Report)

As to Syria's role in the chemical attack ... The Pentagon is on board .... Pentagon chief says 'no doubt' Syria behind chemical attack (AFP), and as to speculation that the CIA had doubts on who was responsible for the Syrian chemical attack .... Did The CIA Director Tell President Trump That The Syrian Regime Was Not Responsible For The Chemical Attack On A Northern Syrian Village This Past Week? (April 9, 2017) .... they are definitely on board right now .... CIA Found Assad Innocent? No Way, Agency Says, Denouncing 'Ridiculous' Claim (US News and World Report).

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B.Poster said...

When we obfuscate, we get our stories confused and when we have not taken the proper time to do due diligence in an investigation and run off at the mouth or in this case in the media our stories become confused as we have no idea what we are talking about. It would have made far more sense to investigate, ascertain the facts, report on the facts, deliberate and study our options carefully, and THEN take action.