Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Crisis On The Korean Peninsula -- News Updates April 11, 2017

The Guardian: North Korea 'ready for war' after US redeploys navy strike team

Pyongyang cites ‘reckless moves’ by US as Donald Trump repeats threat of unilateral action if China does not put pressure on its neighbour

North Korea has warned of “catastrophic consequences” in response to any further provocations by the US, days after a US navy battle group was sent to waters off the Korean peninsula, and was met by Donald Trump with a repeated threat of unspecified unilateral action.

The US president said on Twitter that he would “solve the problem” of North Korea if China did not provide greater help in exerting pressure on its neighbour.

The shrill rhetoric has been matched by a military build-up.

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The View Of North Korea

North Korea warns of nuclear strike if provoked by U.S. -- Reuters
North Korea State Media Warns of Nuclear Strike if Provoked -- NBC News
Pyongyang warns of nuclear strike on US, as Donald Trump pledges to 'solve North Korea problem' -- ABC News Online
North Korea vows to respond to 'reckless' US moves -- AL Jazeera
North Korea ready for 'war' amid US naval deployment -- France 24
North Korea denounces US naval deployment in west Pacific -- DW
North Korea vows to strengthen nuclear weapons -- UPI
North Korea’s parliament meets, with Kim Jong Un at center -- AP

The View From China

China ‘deploys troops’ to NKorea border -- The Australian
North Korea tensions: Reports of Chinese troops on border -- Sydney Morning Herald
China rejects North Korean coal shipments, opts for US supplies instead -- FOX News
China rejects North Korean coal shipments after missile test and U.S. pressure -- Chicago Tribune/Foreign Policy
China's leaders, people losing patience with North Korea -- UPI

The View From South Korea

South Korea Seeks to Assure Citizens U.S. Won’t Strike North Pre-emptively -- NYT
North Korea crisis: The view from Seoul -- FOX News
South Korea gears up military in response to North Korea aggression -- ITV
Front runner for South Korean presidency says he would pursue direct talks with Kim Jong-un -- South China Morning Post

The View From The U.S.

China will get better U.S. trade deal if it solves North Korea problem - Trump -- Reuters
Trump urges China to 'solve the North Korea problem' -- ABC news
Trump: If China doesn't help, the US will solve 'the North Korea problem' without them -- CNN
Trump warns "North Korea is looking for trouble" while pressuring China -- CBS/AP

The View From Japan

Shinzo Abe vows to defend Japan against North Korea 'threats' -- UPI
US to huddle with Japan before any North Korea strike -- Nikkei Asian Review
Japan urges cooperation with Russia and China over North Korea's nuclear problem -- TASS
Japan tests reaction to obtaining strike capability against North Korea threat -- Korea Times

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