Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ecuadoreans Head To The Polls Today To Decide Their Next President

Reuters: Ecuador chooses between leftist, ex-banker in tight presidential vote

Ecuadoreans were voting on Sunday in a hard-fought presidential election that could see an ally of President Rafael Correa extend a decade of leftist rule or a former banker usher in more business-friendly policies.

The Andean country is on edge after a tense campaign that centered on a flagging economy, while the region is watching to see if Ecuador will follow Argentina, Brazil and Peru in shifting to the right as a commodities boom ended.

Ecuador's election also has international repercussions, with conservative challenger Guillermo Lasso vowing to remove Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from Ecuador's London embassy if he wins the Sunday run-off.

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WNU Editor: I ahve been told that jobs are the number one concern in Ecuador. But is it enough to give conservative challenger Guillermo Lasso the margin necessary for victory .... I have my doubts.

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