Monday, April 10, 2017

France's Presidential Election Is Becoming A Four-Way Race

Bloomberg: French Election Becomes a Four-Way Race as Melenchon Surges

* Communist-backed candidate catches Republican Francois Fillon
* Le Pen Says France not responsible for 1942 Jewish roundup

France’s presidential election is becoming a four-way contest as far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon surges to catch Republican Francois Fillon, stoking uncertainty over the outcome less than two weeks before voting begins.

In a sign of the closeness of the race, Fillon turned his sights on Melenchon on Sunday as both contenders held rallies at opposite ends of the country. Fillon sought to rally supporters for a comeback as multiple polls suggest that Melenchon has the momentum going into the crucial final stretch of campaigning.

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WNU Editor: The first round will be in 2 weeks. All of my friends in France are telling that they have no idea on what will be the outcome.

Update: On who are the candidates and what are their positions, go here .... The Who’s Who of France’s Presidential Campaign (Bloomberg).


Turfy77 said...

Go Le Pen !

B.Poster said...

Prediction: Le Pen will be the next French president. I type this with 95% certainty. If she is does not win this time and barring something major that I cannot possibly foresee, she or someone like her will be the French president next time. Le Pen is only the beginning. People like her will be taking over leadership throughout Western Europe in the coming years.

TWN said...

@ B Poster, I have to agree with you on this, people are fed up and want change.