Sunday, April 23, 2017

Global Military Spending Increases Again In 2016

24/7 Wall Street: Countries With the Fastest Growing and Shrinking Militaries

The United States military remains the largest force on the planet. The superpower’s 2016 military expenditure of $611 billion was equivalent to approximately 36% of all global military spending. U.S. military spending was also up 1.7% from 2015, the first increase after five consecutive years of decline. A number of other countries substantially increased their military budgets last year, while a number of others cut spending substantially.

The world’s nations spent $1.67 trillion on their militaries in 2016, up slightly from 2015. Based on annual military expenditures estimated by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 15 countries with the largest one-year military expenditure increases and declines.

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Update #1: US upped military spending, Asian militarization accelerated in 2016: Report (CNBC)
Update #2: Russia boosts military spending despite sanctions: study (AFP)

WNU Editor: And all signs are indicating that 2017 military spending will be even greater.


Aizino Smith said...

So the Defense budget costs more.

Lots of things cost more in America like housing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, AND it costs more to maintain a larger military. So more of the US spending is towards maintenance. Also, the US spends much much more on training than on technology. China probably less on training, more on technology. While I do applaud the US for its well trained military, it won't help much if you loose your technological edge.
And Germany spending 2.4%? This sounds wrong - I've always heard around 1.2-1.4%.. are you sure about those numbers?

Steven Krische said...

I think the 1.2% number you are thinking of is percentnof GDP. This is just percent of world share.

Steven Krische said...

In the US what percent of the budget is interest payments from debt? How much will be paying in interest payments next year. What is the opportunity cost? What could we be spending on/dedicating resources toward? With future VA costs added in, I think the Iraq War is projected to cost the US 3 trillion. So much money spent and so little in return. But then if you need a military and don't have one... Just wish we in the US could change our geopolitical strategy. Keep voting for that change, but it bever happens.

Aizino Smith said...

Maybe the soldiers should work for free.

You could brand them and call one of them Spartacus.

If you made them slave soldiers, the usual suspect would be happy. They would no longer have the U.S. as a war monger, because they spend more $$$ argument.

We have had slave soldiers or semi-slave soldiers before. They were called Mamluks and janissaries.

The Mamluks took over the government.

The Jannisaries were one reason there were coups in the Caliphate and Turkey was the 'Sick Man'.

We could have fun overturning the cooking kettle. Who needs a balloon anywho?

James said...

" overturning the cooking kettle." Good one Aizino.