Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hackers Have Released The Latest NSA Hacking Tools That Put Every Computer Windows User At Risk

The Intercept: Leaked NSA Malware Threatens Windows Users Around the World

The ShadowBrokers, an entity previously confirmed by The Intercept to have leaked authentic malware used by the NSA to attack computers around the world, today released another cache of what appears to be extremely potent (and previously unknown) software capable of breaking into systems running Windows. The software could give nearly anyone with sufficient technical knowledge the ability to wreak havoc on millions of Microsoft users.

The leak includes a litany of typically codenamed software “implants” with names like ODDJOB, ZIPPYBEER, and ESTEEMAUDIT, capable of breaking into — and in some cases seizing control of — computers running version of the Windows operating system earlier than the most recent Windows 10. The vulnerable Windows versions ran more than 65 percent of desktop computers surfing the web last month, according to estimates from the tracking firm Net Market Share.

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WNU Editor: Windows zero-days, SWIFT bank hacks, slick exploit loader .... my friends who understand this stuff are telling me that this leak is the worse one out there, and every person who uses Windows is at risk. Not surprising, Microsoft is rushing in and telling everyone that they have corrected the problem .... Microsoft has already patched the NSA's leaked Windows hacks (Verge). More here .... Microsoft says users are protected from alleged NSA malware (Mercury News). I guess this explains why I had a huge update from Microsoft on my Windows system yesterday.

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