Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is There A Method To President Trump's Foreign-Policy "Madness"?

Donald Trump at the Department of Homeland Security. Wikimedia Commons/Public domain

James Jay Carafano, National Interest: Trump Has a Foreign Policy Strategy

Yes, there is a method to Trump's foreign-policy "madness."

For two weeks, the White House has unleashed a foreign-policy blitzkrieg, and Washington’s chattering classes are shocked and, if not awed, at least perplexed.

CNN calls Trump’s actions a “u-turn.” Bloomberg opts for the more mathematical “180 degree turn,” while the Washington Post goes with “flipflop.” Meanwhile, pundits switched from decrying the president as an isolationist to lambasting him as a tool of the neocons. Amid all the relabeling, explanations of an “emerging Trump Doctrine” have proliferated faster than North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

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WNU Editor: The above author is correct on one point .... President Trump's critics have been consistently wrong on all things Trump since he announced his candidacy for the Presidency almost 2 years ago .... and they still do not understand how he sees government, the policies that government should follow (both domestic and international), and how he uses the media to push his agenda. As to what is my take on President Trump's foreign policy priorities and approach .... I find it to be a work in progress, and prone to change. I will also admit that at times he makes me feel uncomfortable .... to him foreign policy is a negotiation, and his demands and expectations I find are at times unreasonable or an obvious negotiation position. Will it work .... I do not know .... but he is certainly making the foreign policy establishment feel very uncomfortable with what is happening .... both here and abroad .... and maybe that is what is needed.

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