Sunday, April 2, 2017

Life Is Good For North Korea's Elite


Daily Mail: A thirst for power! North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has a taste for hard liquor - and imported £33,000 of spirits from arch-enemy America last year alone

* Import figures show Pyongyang's elite also spent £127,000 on German booze
* Imported £48,000 worth of Italian cheese and £715,000 on Brazilian coffee
* The luxury purchases come as 2.8million North Koreans struggle to buy food

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un spent a staggering £33,000 on imported US liquor last year.

The extravagant purchases come as tensions rise between the dictator and Donald Trump over North Korea's nuclear weapon programme.

Import data shows, he also spent £127,000 on alcohol from Germany, £107,000 from Denmark and £38,000 from Russia.

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WNU Editor: Now we know why he is fat and why he is always smiling. Mind you .... he is starting to not like the "fat jokes" .... Kim threatens to nuke US after McCain calls him ‘crazy fat kid’ (New York Post). On a side note .... and it is something that I have noticed only in the past year .... when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un makes a public appearance in a city .... the streets are completely deserted (see above photo).

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Anonymous said...

What I find telling is that every picture of fat Kim with other officials, all the other officials have a pen and a little notebook, open and ready for the next entry. Love to see a sampling of what they are jotting down.