Friday, April 7, 2017

Nearly 300 Died In Last Months Mosul Airstrike By Coalition Forces

L.A. Times: Nearly 300 died in Mosul airstrike, making it one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in recent memory

Iraqi officials said Wednesday that they had removed nearly 300 bodies from the site of an apparent airstrike in west Mosul, the largest civilian death toll since the battle against Islamic State began more than two years ago and among the deadliest incidents in decades of modern warfare.

More bodies were being removed Wednesday as the U.S.-led coalition investigated whether it was responsible, Iraqi officials blamed Islamic State, and the injured continued to suffer.

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WNU Editor: A little to late for those who have been killed .... Civilian Deaths In Mosul Lead U.S. And Iraqi Forces To Change Tactics Against ISIS (NPR).


Anonymous said...

It's really terrible.. my sympathies go out to the Syrian prole. The suffering there is just beyond what we can imagine. While this strike may have been caused directly or indirectly by allied forces, my believe is that Russia is responsible - together with the Assad regime - for much of the suffering in this conflict. 7 years. .this needs to end

Anonymous said...

Not prole, people
Damn autocorrect