Saturday, April 22, 2017

North Korea's Nuclear Test Site Is Back In Business

RCD/38 North: North Korea's Nuclear Site Back in Action

Commercial satellite imagery of the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site from April 19 indicates probable trailers near the North Portal, the tunnel that North Korea appears to have been preparing for a nuclear test. While no recent dumping is observed, there are at least five mining carts along the tracks leading to the spoil pile and one probable small equipment trailer adjacent to the support building. A net canopy remains in place, presumably concealing equipment, and the pumping of water out of the tunnel to maintain an environment optimal for instrumentation and stemming seems to have ceased.

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Update #1: Volleyball Over, North Koreans Go Back to Work at Nuclear Site, Analysts Say (NYT)
Update #2: Report: North Korea Appears Ready for Nuclear Weapons Test (VOA)

WNU Editor: If they do a test .... it will be North Korea's way of giving a finger to everyone .... and I mean everyone.

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