Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Philippine Government And Communist Rebels Agree To An Interim Ceasefire

Members of the New People's Army in a remote village on Mindanao shown in this picture from December 26, 2014. The Philippine government and the communist rebels have agreed in principle on an interim ceasefire to boost ongoing peace talks

New York Times: Philippines and Communist Rebels Agree to a Temporary Cease-Fire

MANILA — Negotiators representing the government of the Philippines and Communist rebels agreed to a temporary cease-fire on Wednesday, moving one step closer to ending one of Asia’s longest running insurgencies.

The agreement was reached at peace talks in the Netherlands, two months after guerrillas killed three soldiers and nearly derailed the process.

“We have already agreed on the final outcome of the talks: lasting peace and sustainable development,” said Jesus Dureza, the government negotiator. “This is not a case of one party giving in or giving up.”

In addition, President Rodrigo Duterte, speaking before a gathering of prosecutors in Manila, invited Jose Maria Sison, the self-exiled Communist Party leader and Mr. Duterte’s former college professor, to return to the Philippines to seek treatment for an unspecified disease.

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