Friday, April 28, 2017

President Trump Will Consult China Before Speaking To Taiwan

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South China Morning Post: Trump says he’ll talk to Xi Jinping first before engaging Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen

US president doesn’t want to ‘cause difficulty’ for Xi

US President Donald Trump said he would talk to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping first, when asked if he would speak again to Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen.

“My problem is that I have established a very good personal relationship with President Xi,” Trump was quoted by Reuters as saying in an interview in the White House.

“I really feel that he is doing everything in his power to help us with a big situation. So I wouldn’t want to be causing difficulty right now for him.”

“So I would certainly want to speak to him first.”

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WNU Editor: The Chinese are bragging about their close ties with President Trump .... Trump and Xi in "constant touch" as tensions rise: govt (AFP), and are even gloating about it's impact on U.S. - Taiwan relations .... Beijing gloats over Trump Taiwan snub (AFP).

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RussInSoCal said...

Taiwan will be the last thing on China's mind if they mishandle North Korea.

B.Poster said...

Xi is a very powerful individual. When trying to deal with very difficult situations it is smart to establish good relations with powerful people who have the power o assist you or harm you in areas of importance to you. If DJT really has established good relations with Xi, this would be a good thing. Now hopefully at some point he can do the same thing with Vladimir Putin of Russia.

In contrast, Taiwan is a net liability to America and can contribute nothing of value, at least nothing worth hindering the possibility of a good relationship with China. Prudent people do not waste time on people such as these who can contribute nothing of value to them, are a net liability to them, do not respect them, and do not have interests that are compatible with theirs. When Taiwan's leadership made the decision to use POTUs as a prop in their power struggle with China, as far as I am concerned, at that moment, they forfeited any and all rights to expect America or Americans to do anything for them utter than to hold them in utter contempt.

POTUS allowed himself to be used in this manner once before. I easily saw through this at the time. Unfortunately he and his team did not. surely he is not stupid enough to allow this to happen again. As the saying goes, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!!"

Aizino Smith said...

"The leader of a large economic powerhouse with a large military is a very powerful person" - B.S Poster

Ya think?

Who knew?

Anonymous said...

That's the thing, not many people actually knows even though it's common sense. And as we all know, common sense isn't that common at all.

A LOT of dumb people are out there that actually believe that the US is the only powerful country in the world. This is why I hate patriotism, it makes people blind.

Jay Farquharson said...

It's nice that Xi's setting US Foreign Policy in the South China Sea, now that Twitler's learned that Presidenting's hard,

Can you image the mess that Twitler would make if he didn't have a BFF like Xi to explain things to him?

B.Poster said...


I never said Mr. Trump is not a powerful person. Very respectfully please read the posts in tbeir entirety.

Anon actually explains this quite well. While I would agree with him/her about the general kack of common sense among many, I don't think to much patriotism is the problem but rather the lack of it. If Americans had more patriotusm, there'd likely be more concern for the country, it's people, and it's interests which would likely lead to less reckless and stupid decision making.

I actually agree with much of what you post and frank and candid discussions are appreciated. Insults are bdcoming tiresome and do not contribute to the gaining of knowledge or pretty much anything constructive.

Actually, while the first sentence you write could describe America quite well it also describes Xi and the country he leads quite well. As candidate Trump pointed out, it would be helpful to get along with such people. Candidate Trump was right. If he's returning to this premise, this would be a very good thing. Now do the same thing with regards to Russia and good progress might well be made.

Aizino Smith said...

I never said that you said Trump was not powerful.

What I said was that you take it for granted that must of us are rustics and have no idea that Putin and Xi are also powerful.

B.Poster said...


I don't think this is so much a case of Xi setting US policy in the South China Sea but rather a case of the US working with Xi to try and solve a major problem that the US and its "ally" South Korea have IF one believes North Korea poses a major threat. While I'm skeptical that China is going to help us here enough to make a difference and I agree with you that many overestimate China's ability to contain North Korea, I think this problem will be much easier to solve if we can procure their help and I believe they can help us. As such, I can appreciate what POTUS is trying to do.

In order to procure such assistance, their interests will need to be respected. This problem is much harder to solve without their assistance and may be impossible to solve. As a business person, I make it a special point to be on good terms with the leadership of my local community. Additionally, I often times represent the interests of clients before the Federal, State, and Local governments. In order to facilitate this and properly represent my clients, it is generally beneficial to have good relations with the officials I'm interacting with in the process of advancing my clients' intersts.

The same general principle will likely apply to DJT when trying to solve the North Korea problem. In other words, good relations with Xi and the Chinese leadership will be of extreme importance. Very respectfully while your BFF reference is cute, if DJT and Xi can become friends, this would be hugely beneficial to American security and economic interests. They also have good relations with Russia and could be helpful to us in fixing that relationship as well.

Aizino Smith said...

If an inventory manager is delinquent does not fill orders for a long time and is replaced by a manager, who now has many backorders to fill plus the regular number of incoming orders, the inventory manager is much harder than it should be.

That is the sort of situation Trump finds himself in.

Obama coasted. BamBam played hooky.

Om top of that you have the other side you wants to burn down the house before they let anyone else rule. The Fuckercrat party reminds me of the Franks in a civil war in Fraxintum or one of the seaside towns that rather than lose, invited the Muslims into the town.

So of course Trump finds it harder than it should be.

B.Poster said...


Sonetimes I do wonder if you and some others really do understand that Putin and Xi are powerful and sometimes I have wondered if you and some others understand the dangers and compkexities involved in these things.

Apparently you do get it and I misunderstood. I apologize. As stated before, I actually agree with a great deal of what you post here.

Anonymous said...

Different anon. .think that's BSPoster as anon lol

Anonymous said...

With a guy like bposter around I think this blog is f*cked..

Naz said...

The blog is fantastic and a credit to the editor, you just have to peer around the ever increasing vitriol for the gems hidden amongst the comments.

Naz said...

The blog is fantastic and a credit to the editor, you just have to peer around the ever increasing vitriol for the gems hidden amongst the comments.

Bob Huntley said...

Jay. "Presidenting" love the word. I believe that English is a dynamically expanding language in which the dictionaring folk run about 30 years behind.