Monday, April 10, 2017

South Korea Is Nervous With The Latest Deployment Of A U.S. Carrier Strike Group Near The Korean Peninsula

Feliz Solomon, Time: The Decision to Send a U.S. Navy Fleet Toward the Korean Peninsula Has Made Seoul Nervous

A U.S. naval fleet moving toward the Korean peninsula has alarmed South Korean politicians, who warn Washington against any unilateral action targeting Pyongyang.

The Carl Vinson strike group, which includes the supercarrier it is named after, was dispatched Saturday from Singapore toward Korean waters, a move viewed by many as a show of force by the administration of President Donald Trump in the face of an increasingly provocative North Korea.

The Korea Times reports that politicians across party lines in the South Korean capital Seoul, including the country’s presidential front-runner Moon Jae-in, are alarmed by the new naval presence, which comes one day after Trump ordered a missile strike on an airbase in Syria without first seeking congressional approval.

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Update: The Chinese .... not surprising ..... are also concerned .... Chinese state media express 'concern' over USS Carl Vinson (UPI).

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WNU Editor: These worries from South Korea are understandable. Everything is in flux right now in South Korea. They do not have a President .... and the election to have one is only a few weeks away.


B.Poster said...

After the reckless and frankly stupid action in Syria undertaken by team Trump it would be a good idea for the US to take a step back, take a deep breath, and reassess things. With meetings coming up later with Russian leaders it is still probably not to late defuse the situation.

Eventually the nature of the "alliance" with South Korea is going to change. the United States is ill equipped to continue the nature of the relationship, having our troops and resources misallocated in this manner is gravely undermining our national security, and the American people are deeply struggling just to feed their families and provide shelter for them are beyond fed up and angry with this situation.

As such, I had assumed it would be the United States who would take an active role in seeking to change the nature of the relationship or it's enemies would cripple it or destroy it outright making it unable to continue the nature of the "alliance." I had hoped for the former. Since we aren't equipped for this type of thing, are deeply in debt, and have a huge litany of problems at home that despirately need addressing it makes little sense to spend precious resources on or around South Korea. The sensible approach would be to work for an orderly redeployment of US forces working closely with South Korea in a manner that is productive, dignified, and attentive to the needs of both countries.

In light of recent events, it seems it may be South Korea that may demand a change in the nature of the relationship. After all team Trump has shown themselves to be reckless and impulsive. It would be counterproductive to be associated with someone like this.

Anonymous said...

The South Koreans are terrified that the Kim clan could lose power in the North. Millions of starving Koreans would flood the border. Would be an economic nightmare for the South.