Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spain's ETA Basque Separatists Surrender Their Arms To End Decades Of Conflict

Reuters: Basque militants ETA surrender arms in end to decades of conflict

Basque militant group ETA effectively ended an armed separatist campaign after almost half a century on Saturday, leading French authorities to the sites where it says its caches of weapons, explosives and ammunition are hidden.

ETA, which killed more than 850 people in its attempt to carve out an independent state in northern Spain and southwest France, declared a ceasefire in 2011 but did not give up its remaining arms.

Founded in 1959 out of anger among Basques at political and cultural repression under General Francisco Franco, ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna - Basque Country and Freedom) gained notoriety as one of Europe's most intractable separatist groups.

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Aizino Smith said...

About damn time.

Although they announce a unilaterally ceasefire after 9/11

Now Trump attacked the baby killing Assad. and the next day & a few hours later ETA says "that's it, we are done".

Andrew Jackson said...

Franco the Great! He knew what to do with Marxists,kill them!

Aizino Smith said...

Franco has been dead 42 years?

What is the excuse for ETA?

- Autopilot?
- Inertia
- Gramscian blood thirstiness?

There have been two socialist governments in Spain.