Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Pentagon Cannot Explain Why There Are Now Many Reports Of Civilian Casualties From Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria

Missy Ryan, Washington Post: After reports of civilian deaths, U.S. military struggles to defend air operations in war against militants

The Pentagon has struggled in recent weeks to effectively explain what lies behind a surge in reported civilian casualties in its air campaign against the Islamic State, fueling speculation that the new Trump administration is pursuing policies resulting in a greater loss of life.

Military officials insist there has been no significant change to the rules governing its air campaign in Iraq and Syria, and ­instead attribute the string of alleged deadly incidents to a new, more intense phase of the war, in which Islamic State fighters are making a final stand in densely populated areas such as the Iraqi city of Mosul.

But some in Iraq and Syria are left wondering whether the higher death count is a product of President Trump’s bare-knuckle military stance and his suggestions that the United States should “take out” militants’ families.

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WNU Editor: The battle has changed to intense urban warfare (i.e. Mosul) where there are heavy concentrations of civilians. With literally hundreds of civilians packed in basements and shelters in a small city block .... just one 500lb bomb going astray can be devastating.

Update: Do not take out from the ground an Iraqi flag .... it could be deadly .... 'ISIS fanatic' is blown up in a massive airstrike after he is spotted trying to wrench an Iraqi flag out of the ground in Mosul (Video) (Daily Mail).


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WNU Editor,

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War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you Jay.
Frank Lance who works for CBS sent me the link this evening.
It is my 2:00 EST post.
Between you and I ....are we surprised?!?!?!
Of course not.

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In the past, the early 'aughts, I would have been,

But of late, with all the SEAL's seeking fame, fortune, celebrity and notoriety, not so much.

Andrew Jackson said...

Fake news.The civilian casualties are much lighter then expected/

fazman said...

Agree, it sure isnt dresden