Monday, April 24, 2017

The Suwalki Gap Will Be A Major Battleground Should NATO And Russia Go To War

The vulnerable Suwalki Gap, an isolated NATO land bridge between Russia and Moscow aligned BelarusSource:Supplied The Suwalki Gap — the potential European flashpoint Vladimir Putin is keeping a close eye on

IT’S one of the most peaceful corners of Europe. Quiet country roads lead through immaculate towns, skim past lakes and wind their way around virginal forests dotted with oak and spruce.

But defence watchers say this thin strip of land, fully within the European Union, could be a flashpoint of future military action between Russia and the US.

A strategic affairs analyst has even raised the prospect that an emboldened Russia, intent on pushing the Washington-led NATO military alliance away from its territory, could drop a nuclear bomb on the isolated sliver of land.

Known as the ‘Suwalki Gap’, this 80km patch of relatively flat, difficult to defend countryside, straddles Poland and Lithuania.

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WNU Editor: If Russian and NATO armies are fighting in this part of Europe .... the use of strategic nuclear weapons will not be far behind thereby making The Suwalki Gap irrelevant.


You Vuo said...

I really cant get it .... how can you talk about the use of NW or WMD ... only a russian with brain problems can think that way.

If the russians use that type of weapon, they also will be targeted with the same type of bombs.

NATO would do to Russia what the allies plus the communits did to germany.

Poor Russia, the president is a thug, the prime min. a corrupt, no civil society, and with allies like Iran, Nort Korea and now the Talibans.

Really you are the * of the far east of EUROPE and Central Asia.

Aizino Smith said...

A Talk show host described how to beat anti ICBN defenses.

It was interesting.