Thursday, April 20, 2017

U.S. Defense Officials: Syria Has Relocated Its Warplanes Near Major Russian Air Base For Protection

A Russian ground staff member signals to the pilot of a Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jet at the Khmeimim airbase near Latakia, Syria, October 2015. Reuters

Haaretz: Syria Reportedly Relocates Warplanes Near Russian Air Base for Fear of U.S. Attack

Syrian authorities began moving their planes near Russia's Khmeimim air base shortly after the U.S. struck its aircraft following chemical attack, defense officials say

Syria has relocated most of its war planes near a Russian air base to protect them from a possible American strike, CNN quoted two American defense officials as saying.

According to CNN's report, Syrian authorities began moving the planes to an air base at Bassel Al-Assad International Airport, situated in Latakia near the Russian Khmeimim air base, shortly after the U.S. struck the site from which Washington suspects a chemical attack on Idlib originated.

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Update #1US officials: Syria moves planes to Russian base for protection (CNN)
Update #2: Syria moves warplanes to safety of Russian base (The Times)

WNU Editor: I guess the Syrians have made the calculation that there will be more U.S. air strikes.

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