Saturday, April 15, 2017

U.S. Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier USS Ford Completes Builder's Sea Trial

Virginia Pilot: Aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford completes builder's sea trials

The aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford completed builder’s sea trials Friday and should be delivered to the Navy this spring, according to Naval Sea Systems Command.

The first-in-its-class carrier spent the week at sea undergoing a variety of tests with Navy leadership and representatives from Newport News Shipbuilding aboard, among others. Sea trials also include high-speed runs and demonstrate many of the carrier’s other capabilities, according to Newport News Shipbuilding.

“Everybody has to work together to really exercise the ship and take it through its final paces,” Rolf Bartschi, Newport News Shipbuilding’s vice president for the Ford’s construction, said in a statement. “We work to test the systems and actually operate the ship out here at sea. It’s fantastic to be out and really see this ship come to life.”

The Navy said in a statement that it learned “a great deal” about the ship during the exercises and that any problems identified will be addressed.

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