Sunday, April 9, 2017

U.S. - Russian Tensions Have Been Ramped Up Since Thursday's U.S. Missile Strike On Syria

Bloomberg: Trump's Syria Missile Strike Ramps Up Tensions With Moscow

* Russia says west acting ‘absurd’ as U.K.’s Johnson scraps trip
* Tillerson, Lavrov discuss Syria in phone call Saturday

The Trump administration warned that it’s ready to take further military action if the regime of Bashar al-Assad wages another chemical attack, even as this week’s missile strike ratcheted up tensions with Russia.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and counterpart Sergey Lavrov discussed the Syria situation during a phone call on Saturday initiated by the U.S., the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its Facebook page.

The White House so far has given indication the U.S. intends to intervene more broadly in Syria’s civil war after Thursday night’s bombing. Yet the contours of the west’s response may be shifting.

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WNU Editor: What did the U.S. think was going to be the response? .... Syria war: US 'disappointed' at Russia's Syria stance (BBC). But at least both sides are still talking to each other .... Russia's Lavrov and U.S. Tillerson spoke by phone about situation in Syria (Reuters). More here on U.S.-Russian communication lines still being open .... US, Russia spar over maintaining military hotline in Syria (AP). And more here .... Pentagon: US-Russia deconfliction line still open for now (The Hill). What's my prediction for the future .... US Secretary of State Tillerson will be in Moscow next week .... Tillerson to visit Moscow as US, Russia face fresh tensions (FOX News/AP) .... they are going to patch things up when they meet, and the Russian demand will be to have a Putin-Trump meeting sooner rather than later.

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Jac said...

Russia has to react, of course, it does not want to be looked as Obama! But this "bump" will be forgotten soon. The real problem is for North Korea message and I'm pretty sure Putin is understanding it.

Stephen Davenport said...

Who gives a shit what the Russians think, I agree with Tillerson either the Russians are complicit in the attack or incompetent, I chose incompetent. I stand my belief that the Russians are highly overrated. They get beaten everywhere, including Chechnya, Afghanistan, Ukraine and even Georgia popped that ass. The only "victory" they have ever had was in WW2, after 1) Hitler overextended himself and 2) the west created two other fronts. We do not get involved and Moscow is speaking German today. For some reason people like you and the libertarians overreact to anything Russia is involved with, like we have to ask Russia's permission to do anything. Russia backed Assad and they need to control their neighborhood dictator puppet. In short we do not need Putin's or the UN's permission to do anything. The fucker dropped nerve gas on kids, nough said.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan has not been beaten yet by Nato. The taliban will unfortunately win when we get tired of wasting our men and money there and withdraw just like the Soviets did. No one in history has so far succeed with any military involvement in Afghanistan.