Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who Is Monitoring Cell Phone Communications At Montreal's Trudeau International Airport?

Security at Montreal's Trudeau airport. DAVE SIDAWAY / MONTREAL GAZETTE

CBC: Devices that track, spy on cellphones found at Montreal's Trudeau airport

CBC Radio-Canada investigation already found electronic surveillance devices near Parliament Hill

If you were recently at Montreal's Trudeau International Airport, someone may have been spying on your cellphone.

A Radio-Canada reporter detected the presence of an electronic surveillance device known as an IMSI catcher on Feb. 21, while waiting for a U.S.-bound flight.

The revelation comes after a joint CBC/Radio-Canada investigation earlier this week found electronic surveillance IMSI catchers have been used in the area near Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

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WNU editor: Living in Montreal .... I am a regular use Montreal's Trudeau airport. The timing of this report is very interesting in view of this news report a week ago .... Trudeau airport secure despite concerns about radicalized workers, officials say (CBC). More here .... Public security minister monitors reports of radicalization at Trudeau (Montreal Gazette). Is there a link? .... I do not know. But the timing of it being reported is interesting. This also follows on the heel of this recent story .... Who Is Tracking And Intercepting Cellphone Communications In The Heart Of Canada's Capital City? (April 4, 2017)

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