Tuesday, April 11, 2017

World News Briefs -- April 11, 2017

Reuters: White House says Russia increasingly isolated over Syria

President Donald Trump's spokesman on Tuesday increased pressure on Russia over a chemical weapons attack in Syria last week, calling Moscow isolated and saying it was trying to shift blame away from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

"Russia is on an island when it comes to its support of Syria," White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters.

The nerve gas attack, which killed 87 people, many of them children, and Russia's allegation that rebels and not Damascus were responsible have chilled U.S. relations with Moscow after a presidential campaign during which Trump frequently called for an alliance with Russia to fight Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

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Three-way talks planned between foreign ministers of Russia, Syria, Iran - RIA.

Russia rushes to Syria's defense, claims military base open to check for chemical weapons.

Putin: Russia has data on new provocations planned against Syrian authorities. Putin says expects 'fake' gas attacks to discredit Syria's Assad.

Two Russian soldiers killed in Syria.

Turkey confirms use of sarin in Syria chemical attack

Iraqi cleric calls for Syria’s Assad to step down.

U.S.-backed forces push back Islamic State in Raqqa campaign - officials.

IS now controls less than seven percent of Iraq, military says.

Iraqi General: “We are not in rush to liberate Mosul, it’s only a matter of time”.

Erdogan says referendum turnout among Turks abroad jumps.

Survey: Arabs consider Israel biggest threat to Mideast peace.


S. Korea, China warn of strong response to N. Korea nuke, ICBM tests.

North Korea denounces US naval deployment in west Pacific.

South Korean presidential hopeful rejects US sabre-rattling.

Shinzo Abe vows to defend Japan against North Korea 'threats'.

Trump dangles ‘better’ trade deal for China if it ‘solves’ North Korean nuclear issue.

Nine dead in clash between Abu Sayyaf, Philippine security.

India warns Pakistan of consequences in spy row.

Tensions high in Jakarta before final round of governor election.


Drought, conflict and famine in Africa.

South Sudan violence forcing thousands to flee to Uganda. South Sudan: Civilians killed in Wau fighting.

South Sudan war puts neighbor's tolerance of refugees to the test.

Egypt's parliament approves three-month state of emergency.

Egypt church attacks: Copts mourn victims of Palm Sunday bombings; slam 'security failures'.

Nigeria sees 'massive spike' in death sentences: Amnesty.

UN seeks to broker new talks on Western Sahara.

IOM: African migrants traded in Libya's 'slave markets'. African migrants seeking Europe sold as 'slaves' for $200.

Libya PM Sarraj accuses EU of reneging on migrant pledges.

General strike in Tunisia city over jobs.

Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema detained.


Tillerson visits Moscow as tensions spike after US strike on Syria base.

G7 has no consensus on sanctions against Russia over Syria.

U.S. asks G7 ministers why it should care about Ukraine conflict.

Hundreds of asylum seekers missing after fire engulfs refugee camp in France, MSF says.

Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosions. Borussia Dortmund’s team bus hit by explosions before Monaco tie.

Macron, Le Pen hold French election lead but investors eye Melenchon surge.

Nearly half of young German voters back Merkel, poll shows.

Obama to give speech in Berlin to mark Reformation anniversary. Obama's Berlin visit to coincide with Trump in Brussels.


US polls: Americans support missile attack on Syria, but not further military action.

White House calls Russian denials on Syrian gas attack a 'cover-up'.

Sessions signals immigration crackdown: 'This is the Trump era'.

Venezuelan opposition urges security forces to allow peaceful protests.

University student killed in Venezuela opposition protest. Venezuela says second young man killed in anti-Maduro protests.

US says withdrawing UN military from Haiti is good example.

Canadian judge denies bail to alleged Yahoo hacker.

Outages increase as Puerto Rico electric company crumbles amid crisis.


Stockholm attack suspect confesses to 'terrorist crime'.

Senegal arrests three suspected foreign jihadists.

Lawyers working at Guantanamo sue Pentagon over cancer risk.


Wall Street ends down; geopolitical risks weigh ahead of earnings.

United Airlines CEO calls dragged passenger 'disruptive and belligerent'.

Toshiba warns it may not survive financial problems.

Developing nations' demands for better life must be met, says World Bank head.

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