Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A CNN Special Report On The Chemical Attack On The Syrian Town Of Khan Sheikhoun Early Last Month

CNN: Gasping for life

Syria's merciless war on its own children

She stares off into the distance as she gasps for air, her tiny chest heaving desperately to take in more oxygen. Her eyes are wide and unflinching, her pupils constricted, the panic behind them clear.

The little girl looks confused: she doesn't understand why she is dying, why she is lying in the back of a truck with other small children, some foaming at the mouth, others motionless, the life already gone from them.

The ground all around her is strewn with bodies, some wracked with convulsions, thrashing around in the mud as rescue workers attempt in vain to hose off the chemical agent that has blanketed them.

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WNU Editor: A heads-up to my readers. The video in the above CNN post is disturbing to watch .... it shows the ravages on what a chemical attack can do and it is not censored.

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