Monday, May 29, 2017

Are U.S. And Iranian Backed Forces About To Face Each Other In Syria?

© Sputnik/ Valeriy Melnikov

Iran Focus: US and Iran Could Face off in Syria

Over the past six years, the US and Iran have maintained an uneasy peace in Syria but this may be about to end as their forces draw closer in the east and south of the country.

The unspoken truce was broken on May 18, when the US-led coalition, which supports the Syrian Opposition forces, carried out an air strike against an Iranian proxy group near the base of Al-Tanf (close to the Syrian border with Iraq and Jordon).

Air Force Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, defended the strike on Wednesday as necessary to protect US troops and did not apologise for the move.

He said: “First thing I would say is I’m concerned about any threat to our forces on the ground. I’m just going to reiterate the fact that we will protect our forces… we will do what it takes to ensure that our ground forces, if they’re threatened, we’re going to take the necessary action.”

But could this strike lead to escalations? Yes, almost certainly. Experts see this as the trigger for a much larger confrontation.

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James said...

Dier ez Zur.

Jay Farquharson said...


Last week, the US backed jihadi's attacked the SAA out of al Tanf and their offensive was defeated. Yesterday, the SAA 5th Division, with the Russian 33rd Heavy Airborne Division advanced towards and took the al Tanf border crossing.

US, British and Norweigan SOF and their jihadi clients, withdrew from al Tanf into Jordan with out putting up a fight.

They will spend a couple of days fortifying their positions there, leave a garrison, then hook east and pass through the Tiger Forces towards dier Ezzoir.

B.Poster said...

As I pointed out when this started in 2011, Assad was going to win. The Russians would not allow any other outcome.

While I'm shocked it's taken as long as it has, the prediction remains the same. Unfortunately the opposition has not only delayed the inevitable but has cost more lives than would have been cost had they simply "stood down" as opposed to try and prevent the inevitable.

At least it's a good sign that US backed forces including US forces themselves "stood down." While I haven't served but wanted to prudence would seem the better part of valour. As such, when faced with a superior force STAND DOWN would seem prudent.

Furthermore if I understand this I'm pretty sure POTUS does. To date, he doesn't seem to be a person who is blinded by ideology. I'm pretty sure he's figured this out.

Now as POTUS while he'd probably love to withdraw help from the Syrian rebels, it's pretty near impossible to change foreign policy for the US in one fail swoop. I'm not sure the Russians and Chinese undetstand this and it could cause them to lose pstience with us.

As for the chemical weapons attack response, it now seems likely Assad's men were behind it. While I was skeat first, the Russians could have easily stopped ANY US attack against the Syrians at ANY TIME. Why didn't they.

The obvious answer is the Americans and the Russians agreed a message needed to be sent to Assad. The Amwrucans, since they are already hated, would seem best to send it and the Russian forces would be told to stand down less America experience the embarrassment of having all ita cruise missles shot down and being embarrassed before those who might buy its weapons
In exchange for going along the Russians will expect something as they likely did.

I'm pretty sure POTUS had a good understanding of the problems the country faces as well as how to solve them and whom he needed to negotiate with to solve them and what those parties wanted. Furthetmore he knew nothing they desired was unreasonable and, in fact, resulted in large part from the stupudity of America and the "west" being completely stupid.

Hence he thought the job of POTUS would be easy. He's now learning that while the solutions are indeed "easy" ideologues, political hacks, and complete idiots who aren't so easily disposed of are in the way.

fazman said...

Cmon B , it's the Russians who have been embarressed by their weapons performance for the past 30 years.

fazman said...

Cmon B , it's the Russians who have been embarressed by their weapons performance for the past 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Lol Bposter hasn't served. ..of course he served mother Russia many times ;)

Don't be harsh on yourself, Bposter, there's no shame in being a keyboard warrior... I'm sure when we are all dead and people look at what we've done with our lives, they will look at your mighty glorious Putin and Russia posts and say "here lies Bposter...what a man"

You're pathetic.

fazman said...

Bit harsh mate lol

fazman said...

Bit harsh mate lol