Wednesday, May 24, 2017

China Does Not Want This Exiled Chinese Businessman To Talk

Washington Free Beacon: China Intervenes to Block Businessman From Revealing Spying Secrets on VOA

Guo Wengui details PRC intel operations, a potential intelligence windfall for FBI, CIA

An exiled Chinese businessman with close ties to the government has begun revealing secrets about Beijing's intelligence operations after China pressured the official Voice of America radio to curtail a lengthy interview with him.

Four VOA employees were suspended last month after more than an hour of the radio's exclusive interview with billionaire businessman Guo Wengui exceeded a time limit imposed under radio rules.

The four employees of the Chinese language radio division are now calling on Congress to investigate whether VOA managers gave in to pressure from China's government to shorten the Guo interview and as a result undermined the radio's integrity.

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Update: Did the Chinese Government Influence Voice of America? (Helle Dale, Daily Signal).

WNU Editor: It appears Guo Wengui knows where all the skeletons are hidden .... and the Chinese know that because he is now on China's most wanted .... China’s most wanted man is in the United States (Quartz). But getting him is going to be hard .... he is living a good (and protected) life in the U.S. .... The Chinese Fugitive Living In A $67 Million Manhattan Apartment (Forbes).

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