Friday, May 19, 2017

Congressional Republican Leaders Are Worried That Someone Taped Their Private Conversations

The U.S. Capitol dome and U.S. Senate (R) in Washington, August 2, 2011. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Axios: House leaders worry more meetings secretly recorded

House Republican leadership is agitated after the Washington Post published a transcript from a secret recording of one of the inner-sanctum conversations in the office of Speaker Paul Ryan.

The transcript shows House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joking with his colleagues that then-candidate Trump and California Republican Dana Rohrabacher were both on the payroll of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The unknown is frustrating," said one senior GOP aide, referring to the possibility that this wasn't the only private leadership conversation that was secretly recorded.

Behind-the-scenes: House leadership sources have pored over the article and are privately discussing theories about where the leak came from:

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WNU Editor: These Congressmen are clearly worried .... especially since they do not know what else is out there. As to who made these secrete recordings .... the possible Ukraine angle raised my eyebrows (and I must confess if it was them I would not be surprised) .... but my money is on someone who is/was in the inside, and who probably recorded these discussions with his/her cell phone. On a side note .... and again proving how incompetent the Congressional Republican leadership is .... I am now reading this story .... House May Need to Vote Again on GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill (Bloomberg).


fazman said...

WNU editor, not knowing the intracasies of the u.s political system. If Trump resigns (which l beleive hed do rather than impeachment ) is the Vice President automatically the POTUS for the remainder of the term, or does the party nominate someone or is it back to the polling booth?

War News Updates Editor said...

The Vice President becomes Potus after he is sworn in (probably with 3 minutes)

fazman said...

He really impressed everyone in aust with the way he carried himself, seems much more presidential than trump.
How is he viewed in your neck of the woods? Do you feel he will be given a ckean slate by the media and public or is he lumbered with trumps baggage.

War News Updates Editor said...

The media will not change who they are.
They will attack a President Pence just as much as they attacking and being critical of President Trump. Actually .... they will probably be more critical of a President Pence because he is ideologically a conservative while someone like President Trump is not.

fazman said...

Thanks for the prompt reply 👍

B.Poster said...


You've been a staunch supporter of Mr. Trump or so it seems. Maybe I missed something. Assuming I read you properly what has changed your mind toward the direction that Trump needs to be impeached?

As of right now, we have a Republican House leader who did not/does no like Mr. Trump anyway making jokes. What leads you to believe anyone especially Mr. Trump's base support is going to take such things seriously.

So far no EVIDENCE has been presented to support such a position. This will add more "fuel to the fire" further complicating negotiations with Russia. What I do/have seen from team Trump is a recognition that we need to negotiate an end to Cold War 2 that he recognized as far back as before he announced his candidacy. To this end, he carefully selected a team of advisors who had/have good relations with top Russian officials that top Russian officials trust and such people would have/ could have been a national treasure not only to the United States but to the "west" as well toward negotiating an end to Cold War 2.

Furthermore candidate Trump recognized the current poor shape of the US military pledging to rebuild it and recognizing the need to replace our crumbling infrastructure. With a military that is broken down from continuing operations around the world for 16+ years, a crumbling infrastructure, and a massive national debt we HABE NO CHOICE!! We MUST negotiate an end to Cold War 2. This team of advisors that DJT put together and the time spent laying the ground work for careful negotiations very likely took years to accomplish.

Now based upon reckless accusations from the media, the Democrats, and some stupid Republicans making jokes about someone they don't like thinking the whole thing is funny and cute. DON'T THESE IDIOTS KNOW THEY ARE BEING RECORDED?!!? EVERYTHING in America is recorded now. This is especially so when influential people speak. As such, it should be experiential common sense to the Republican "leaders" that everything they say/do ANYWHERE is being recorded.

I'm getting off topic. Back to the topic at hand. A couple of days ago on another thread you called for a million man march to support Trump. Now you seem to be calling for impeachment. What has changed in such a short time?

Ron said...

B. Poster I missed the point where the editor called for impeachment.

From my reading he seemed to just acknowledge the possibility.

For a couple of days the talk of impeachment took over discussion (because of a rumor of something Comey wrote down that nobody that reported on it saw, that would contradict his testimony under auth).

That kind of died down with the appointment of a special counsel.

Another interesting article: