Friday, May 26, 2017

Coptic Christians Targeted And Massacred In Egypt By Militants -- News Roundup

Daily Mail: At least 28 people killed, including children, as masked gunmen 'dressed in military uniforms' open fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians to pray at a monastery in Egypt

* Ten masked gunmen opened fire on buses carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt
* At least 28 killed and more injured when attackers sprayed bullets at the convoy
* Worshippers were heading to St Samuel Monastery to pray when gunmen struck
* ISIS has claimed responsibility for recent deadly attacks on churches in Egypt

At least 28 people including children are dead and injured 25 after masked gunmen opened fire on buses carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt, it has emerged.

Up to 10 masked attackers dressed in military uniforms stopped a convoy in Minya province, 140 miles south of Cairo, as the group was heading towards Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Maghagha to pray.

The gunmen, who arrived in three four-wheel drive vehicles, used automatic weapons to spray bullets at the convoy before fleeing. A health ministry official said a 'large number' of victims were children.

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Coptic Christians Targeted And Massacred In Egypt By Militants -- News Roundup

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Hans Persson said...

And no one cares or even label the murderers muslims.

Nick Sebastian said...

I am so frustrated hearing about these awful attacks. These scumbags need to be dealt with by any means, all Muslims need to work together to stop this madness otherwise we take no prisoners

Anonymous said...

KKK are Christians.

Anonymous said...

ISIS slaughters much more Muslims than they do Christians. So what can they do?

McCabe said...

lol, great argument anon. "KKK are Christians". Tell me this, how many people has the KKK killed in the last two decades in the name of Christianity? Radical Islamists have killed hundreds of thousands. How many anon? Please tell me. How many people have been killed in the name of ANY religion, other than Islam, over the past two decades?

ISLAM has a problem right now with radicalization! Not Christianity, not Buddhism, not Judaism, not Shinto, and not Sikhism. No mainstream religion other than ISLAM has this problem in recent history. People need to quit defending these radical ISLAMISTS and admit that ISLAM currently has a major problem.

And it doesn't matter if they kill more muslims than christians. The simple fact is that they kill more PEOPLE in the name of ISLAM than other religions. These people are a plague that needs to be fought, not defended by CUCKS like you.

Anonymous said...

There are but MSM hardly gives them the time of day and even the governments are shutting them down by removing their rights to speak publicly such as the Buddhist extremists in Myanmar and they have massacred entire villages but hardly anyone heard about them.

Radical religious groups feed off of publicity, there are plenty of other groups from other religions but Islam is definitely at the fore-front, but we are the ones that have given them the power. You cannot stomp out religious extremism but you can disarm them and not allow their rhetoric to be heard.

Solomon said...

Anon says: "Radical groups feed off of publicity. You can beat extremism by not allowing their rhetoric to be heard."

Anon also says: "There are [non-Muslim extremist religious groups] but the mainstream media hardly gives them the time of day. They even massacre entire villages but nobody ever hears about them."

Hmmm.....let me think on that one for a while....

Anonymous said...


The fact that you think im defending these Terrorist just shows how utterly moronic you are.

And about that whole kkk thing. Don't be dumb, my the point was that what ISIS is doing is not in the name of Islam. My proof? The fact that they kill more Muslims than anyone else. Im fairly sure Islam doesn't teach to slaughter other Muslims.

McCabe said...

Anon, what you were trying to brush aside the muslim aspect of modern terrorism by bringing up the KKK. That's a standard 'pc police' trick to basically say "Hey, non-muslims do bad things too". Don't try to hide it.

Let's say that you're telling the truth about why you brought up the KKK. You still have an inferior argument. What ISIS is doing is absolutely in the name of ISLAM! For F*CKS sake, they want to establish and ISLAMIC CALIPHATE!!! Just listen to what they have to say. How many non-muslims do you think are in ISIS?? Let me answer that for you, NONE. Yes, they kill muslims also but that's only because they're a different branch of Islam. They hate all muslims and non-muslims alike because they don't belong to their branch of radical Islam. What ISIS is doing IS is being done in the name of their branch of ISLAM.

And Christianity doesn't teach the slaughter of other Christians you dope. Pull your head out of your ass.

Jay Farquharson said...

There are 12 "schools",(sects, denominations, "churches", how ever you want to call them) of Sunni jurisprudence,

There are 7 "schools" of Shia jurisprudence,

One "school" is responsible for 99.9% of all Islamic terrorism, sends mullah's around the world and builds mosques all around the world to spread their version of Islam, and is not only the newest strain of Islam, being a mere 200 years old, ( vs 1,000 years or more for the others), but is also the smallest, comprising less than 0.5% of the Muslim faith.

It's commonly called Whabbism, perhaps you've heard of it?

The US just concluded a $110 billion dollar arms deal, that for the first time ever also incudes the ability to make their own weapons, with the Regime responsible for spreading Whabbism globally.

You might remember the photo of Trump with the "glowing orb", after all, it was quite a hit on the internet and a lot of people had fun with it.

The photo was taken at the Saudi Center for the Combatting of Extremism.

See those guys with the kaffeyha's on, one's front and center with Trump, the others are in the background?

Their day job is spreading Whabbist extremism globally, and the day after the photo shoot, when the lights were turned off and the monitors unplugged, that's the work they went back to doing.

Aizino Smith said...

"There are 12 "schools",(sects, denominations, "churches", how ever you want to call them) of Sunni jurisprudence,

There are 7 "schools" of Shia jurisprudence,"

Yeah jay we have heard of them. The fivers, the twelvers, what ever we have heard of them

There is more intolerance "of the other" in Islam than just the Wahabbi.

So Jay quit playing school marm and go eff yourself.

Jay Farquharson said...