Thursday, May 4, 2017

Did China Issue A Final Warning To China?

Zero Hedge: China Reportedly Issues Final Warning To North Korea

With President Trump placing his faith in China's ability to keep its neighbor under control - through threats, promises, or oil embargoes - it appears, according to unconfirmed rumors spreading widely on Chinese social media Tuesday, that North Korea just got its final warning.

As Korea Times reports, Chinese news outlets have previously said Beijing could turn its back on Pyongyang if the latter conducted a sixth nuclear test. But the rumor that China has given North Korea a final warning has drawn particular interest from Weibo users.

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WNU Editor: I have been posting these reports for the past few days, and my Chinese friends are telling me that these stories are true .... that China has issued a final warning. As to what will China do if North Korea decides to not listen to them and conduct a sixth nuclear test .... my guess is that they will impose sanctions on all oil and gas exports to the Hermit Kingdom and see what happens next. This also explains why China is telling its citizens to leave .... China Urges Its Citizens In North Korea To Leave The Country.


Anonymous said...

@WNU: check your title ;)

Anonymous said...

How about this scenario:
China will invade North Korea
1. Avoids US military satellite state at their borders
2. Reduces risk of uncoordinated refugee crisis (taking action instead of passively waiting)
3. Finally a chance for China to publicly flex its muscle and show everyone in APAC who's boss - especially if you disrespect China, as north Korea did
4. Have plenty of Intel on north Korea and, coupled with their economic dependency on China can deal death blow quickly
5. Sends a clear message to everyone that China is willing and capable to use force
6. Allows China to test (and train) their army against smaller enemy. This is what China military desperately needs to learn and prove itself and in the public eye

Anonymous said...

7. With failing tests on north Korean side it becomes less likely that north Korea is of any use (north Korea won't be able to nuke the east coast of US after all, hence it's not useful to Chin, which was likely hoping this to be the case)

Anonymous said...

8. North Korea military and civilian population is trained to expect and not fear American invasion, however..they'd fear their neighbour. If China attacks - the last country on earth they'd expect this from - expect massive dissertation. The army would give up almost instantly.
9. Any nork Military hardware is pointed at and programed to fly to south Korea, Japan or maybe USA. Not China.
10. There's no military drills among nork that involve China being the attacker

fazman said...

I was thinking along similar lines myself. Perhaps a pre emptive cruise missile attack against nuke infrastructure will come from china ( and perhaps paid for by u.s) it will catch kim off guard for your aforementioned reasons., whilst serverley downgrading the risk of retaliation to either china or s.k.
If china does it, he might just have to take one for the team ( without lube).