Thursday, May 11, 2017

Did Former FBI Director Comey Ask For Additional Money And Resources For Russia Probe?

Washington Times: DOJ denies report that Comey asked for more resources for Russia investigation

A Justice Department spokeswoman said it is “totally false” that FBI Director James B. Comey had asked the deputy attorney general for additional resources for the Russia investigation in the days before he was fired.

The New York Times, citing three anonymous sources, reported Wednesday that Mr. Comey had met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and asked for an increase in personnel and funding for the bureau’s ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the November presidential election.

After speaking with Mr. Rosenstein on Wednesday, DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores flatly denied The New York Times report.

She said the last time Mr. Comey and Mr. Rosenstein met was May 1 — two days before Mr. Comey publicly testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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WNU Editor: In the past 24 hours, this New York Times story has been dominating the headlines .... Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry (New York Times). The New York Times quotes 3 Congressional anonymous sources and outlets like the Politico are trying to carry the story further ..... Sources: Comey told lawmakers he wanted more resources for Russia probe (Politico). But there appears to be a problem with this story .... because the politicians who should be in the know do not know what this request is all about .... Dems Ask DOJ For Info On Comey’s Ask For More Resources For Russia Probe (TPM). And now the story is changing again .... he did ask for resources (but not money) .... which in the end is still a Congressional responsibility, not the White House's. Fake news (again) from the main stream media .... you tell me. And now we have the story from the Washington Post and the New York Times that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had threatened to resign .... Deputy AG Rosenstein doesn't want all the blame for Comey canning: Report (Washington Examiner) .... but apparently this story is also bogus (see link here). But this is not stopping the Democrats .... Senate Democrats demand answers from Rod Rosenstein about involvement in Comey firing (Washington Post).

What's my take on this entire affair .... FBI Director Comey in his testimony in July of last year detailed his case against Hillary Clinton and her use of a server with a mountain of evidence ..... but choose not to pursue it because her intent to commit a felony was not there?!?!?! The case file against President Trump was started at the same time by the Obama Justice Department ..... and after 10 months there is not one molecule of evidence .... just anonymous sources and speculation .... but this is not stopping anyone .... there are now calls for a special prosecutor/investigator to pursue this case further. I have said this more than once .... the Democrats, Progressives, Never Trumpers in the Republican party, the media .... they just cannot accept the idea that Trump is the President. I said months ago that this entire case is not going to go away ..... and yes .... I am being proven right every day.


fred lapides said...

someone is not telling the truth.

The FBI director then briefed members of Congress about the meeting, according to the Times. CNN, the Washington Post and the Associated Press have reported confirming Comey's request for more resources, as have other media outlets.

The Justice Department's top spokeswoman denied that Comey had requested more money or resources for the investigation. Sarah Isgur Flores called the reports “totally false.”
Fred: i withold judgement and await the truth, which, I think, will become clearer in the days ahead.

fred lapides said...

dear editor: the Russian connection or lack of connection, here discussed by the temp new guy heading FBI...he begins by saying the FBI fully behind Comey and then “I worked very, very closely with Director Comey,” McCabe said. “I hold Director Comey in the absolute highest regard. I have the highest respect for his considerable abilities and his integrity, and it has been the greatest privilege and honor of my professional life to work with him. I can tell you also that Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI, and still does to this day.”

Sanders also claimed the Russia investigation was “probably one of the smallest things” on the FBI’s agenda.

Again, McCabe disagreed. “We consider it to be a highly significant investigation," he said.

so I guess, sayeth your faithful commenter, the FBI not as dismissive as you are

Anonymous said...

The Russia probe is a smokescreen. IT WAS THE MEDIA THAT TRIED TO MANIPULATE THE ELECTIONS. I even found an another blog post on the internet that has evidence the media was trying to control the elections.
Media just wants to deflect public attention away from themselves

War News Updates Editor said...

Fred. I am not being dismissive of the FBI at all. Far from it. I am just pointing out the contradictions .... and the fact that after 10 months nothing has been produced. I also do not think anything will be produced in the next few days .... otherwise it would have been produced in the past few months and/or before the election itself. My prediction still holds .... this "investigation" is going to go on forever, and I am also predicting that nothing will be found. There is too much politics and backed by a media narrative to end any of this anytime soon.

As for acting FBI Director McCabe .... he is a pickle because of his wife's involvement in Democrat politics and the recipient of a lot of money from the Democrat Party. There are a lot of people (on both sides) who should recuse themselves from this .... and he should also be one of them.

War News Updates Editor said...

Hmmmm .... acting FBI Director McCabe has come out in today's Senate testimony that he had not heard of any request from former FBI Director Comey for additional resources. I will update this part of the story later tonight .... because if it is true .... it makes the entire media narrative of the past 24 hours look like fake news.

RussInSoCal said...

In other words, no. He didn't

Anonymous said...

But the New York Times said it...