Thursday, May 4, 2017

Did The Soviet Union Have Role In The Shooting Of Pope John Paul II?

Pope John Paul after being shot on 13 May 1981/Vatican photo

Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal: CIA Confirmed Russians’ Role in Shooting of Pope John Paul II, Reagan Biographer Writes

Contrary to what “pragmatists” in U.S. government agencies concluded, top officials with the Soviet Union were behind the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, a biographer of Ronald Reagan told The Daily Signal in an exclusive interview.

Paul Kengor, a Grove City College political science professor and author, has acquired what he calls never-before-seen information about the Reagan administration’s “supersecret investigation” into the shooting and wounding of the pope.

The information details the role of the Soviet GRU, the Russians’ brutal foreign military intelligence unit, and KGB spy agency head Yuri Andropov in the attempt on John Paul II’s life, Kengor said.

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WNU Editor: Did Soviet leader Brezhnev and KGB head Andropov have a hand in the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II? This is a story that has interested me since the beginning .... but as much as I love a good conspiracy story .... I have never come across any concrete evidence that proves this Soviet involvement.


Anonymous said...

@WNU of course you haven't. Otherwise you'd be dead and we wouldn't be reading your blog ;)

TWN said...

The guy that shot the Pope was a muslim, the anti Russian Propaganda is really becoming ridiculous, I wonder if the people running the anti Russian Campaign ever heard of the story the Boy That Called Wolf, because if this BS keeps up when they do finally tell the truth nobody will believe it. Not that the people behind this crap would recognize the truth if it bit them on the arse.

Anonymous said...

This is an old story. I am not one for believing conspiracies, but conspiracies make good stories nonetheless.

Blackdog said...

This is an old true story. The closest you can get to the true story with out reading the intelligence report is to read Tom Clancy's red rabbit. He was told the story and wrote about it.

Aizino Smith said...

The NAZIS used Muslims.

Why wouldn't the communists?

Aizino Smith said...