Friday, May 12, 2017

Do American's Care About The Firing Of Former FBI Director Comey?

WNU Editor: From Axios .... The not-so-viral Comey firing

Despite the wall-to-wall media coverage, most Americans — according to Facebook interactions — cared less about James Comey being fired than other big moments so far in the Trump administration. SocialFlow evaluated the Facebook reach of articles on major flashpoints by more than 300 news organizations within a few days of the event. Here's what they found (see above tweet):

Hmmmm .... it looks like not.


Aizino Smith said...

Poor 'lil libtwits.

Unknown said...

The media is continuing to suffer from the "boy who cried wolf" effect.

Unknown said...

Or not. Seems like a random stat.

Unknown said...

Americans have a healthy sense of "hoopla" when it comes to the media. And the media, in turn, treats the American collective consciousness like we're a bunch of overeager youngsters attentively absorbing the lessons of the day--Who are "We?" What do we "do" or "no longer do" within the borders of our "Homeland?"
Please, tell us! I can barely get dressed without a freshly styled yuppie sagely informing me what my fellows' attitudes are. Could Anderson Cooper help orient me to this whirlwind of change?

I blame the suburban community colleges for this insipid pseudo-sophistication. "Every Graduate A Cadre" seems to be the goal. I predict that trend will change "post-Free Speech." But not with right-wing reactionism. It'll be "Center-Wing" and principles-driven. An answer to the shadow-Maoist preachers of Red-Left resentmentism and the success-blinded school-marms of absurd boot-strapperism, which in today's quintessent iteration is (perhaps unintentionally) not far from the social Darwinism it might be expected to forswear, given its Christian foundations. Maybe those foundations are gone.

Only radical centrism can beat the irresponsibility engendered in two generations of elite decision-making which no longer sees the forest for the trees, no longer knows what the other hand is doing, and no longer cares, beyond the temporary, superficial fulfillment of whatever elaboration of their personal version of their team's "central thesis."

Or maybe they'll just teach Spirit Cooking in Home Ec.

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