Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Drone Footage Emerges Showing A Deadly Car Bomb Blast In Aleppo (Video)

The SUN: TERROR FROM ABOVE Dramatic drone footage shows deadly car bomb blast rip through Eastern Syrian town of Aleppo as villagers run for their lives

On impact the driver detonates his on-board explosive sending dust and smoke shooting into the sky in a black cloud.

TERRIFYING video has emerged of a lethal ISIS car bomb attack in Syria.

Drone footage gives horrific birds-eye view explosion which decimates an area of Eastern Aleppo.

Most of these types of videos are shot in Mosul making this clip from over the Syrian border slightly more surprising.

A car can be seen driving slowly round a bend in the city into a group of vehicles.

The motor draws in close to the collection of what appear to be 4x4s before bumping into one.

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WNU Editor: You have to go to the SUN site to see the video (link here). When I look at videos like this one .... I cannot help but feel that even if the Syrian war should end today .... terror attacks like this one will probably be the norm for Syria for years.

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