Sunday, May 7, 2017

Emmanuel Macron Wins The French Presidency -- News Roundup May 7, 2017

New York Times: Highlights of the French Presidential Vote

■ The independent centrist Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen and will become the next president of France, according to preliminary results on Sunday, ending a bitter campaign to determine the country’s future participation in a united Europe.

■ With almost all of the ballots counted, Mr. Macron had about 65 percent of the vote and a decisive lead over Ms. Le Pen, who was at about 35 percent.

■ Nearly a quarter of eligible voters did not cast a ballot, according to the Interior Ministry, and turnout was lower than in the past three presidential elections. This suggests that voters’ anger remains strong in France, and the new government will have to contend with this disaffection.

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Emmanuel Macron Wins The French Presidency -- News Roundup May 7, 2017

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