Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Former Panama Dictator Manuel Noriega Has Passed Away At 83

VOA: Former Panama Dictator Manuel Noriega Dies at Age 83

Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega, whose time in power was marked by corruption and violence, has died at the age of 83.

Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela said on twitter that Noriega's death "closes a chapter in our history" and that his family deserves a burial in peace.

Noriega had been in the hospital recovering from several surgeries related to removing a brain tumor earlier this year.

Before being released on house arrest to prepare for the procedures, Noriega had been imprisoned for corruption and killing opponents during his 1983-89 regime.

Noriega was ousted from power by a U.S. invasion in 1989 and was imprisoned in the United States on drug offenses. He then was jailed in France for money laundering and was returned to Panama in 2011 for further imprisonment.

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