Thursday, May 11, 2017

German Rescue Boat Confronts Libyan Coast Guard Ship After Intercepting A Refugee Boat

VOA: Libyan Coast Guard Has Dangerous Encounter with German Rescue Boat

A Libyan Coast Guard ship picked up more than 350 migrants at sea Wednesday after a potentially deadly encounter with a German rescue boat.

No casualties were reported, and all the migrants rescued off the coastal city of Sabratha are safely back in Tripoli.

A Libyan navy spokesman said the migrants were packed on a wooden boat. As the Coast Guard vessel approached, another boat from the German rescue group Sea Watch came dangerously close to ramming the Libyan ship.

Sea Watch was apparently attempting to drive off the Libyans, saying it is unsafe for the migrants to be taken back to Tripoli.

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WNU Editor: If this confrontation occurred in Libyan waters .... Sea Watch is in the wrong. The speed at which this German rescue boat showed up off the coastal Libyan city of Sabratha also makes me wonder if there is some truth to claims that some of these NGOs are coordinating with the smugglers.

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