Thursday, May 4, 2017

How Did A Texas Billionaire Buy Two Norwegian Fighters Dirt Cheap

Royal Norwegian Air Force RF-5A. Wikipedia

Sputnik: Oslo Outraged After Texas Billionaire Buys Up Norwegian Fighters Dirt Cheap

Both the Norwegian Armed Forces and the country's Defense Ministry have come under heavy fire for their handling of the controversial sale of fighter aircraft to eccentric Texas billionaire Ross Perot Jr. Both authorities were slammed for inadequate control in the new report by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG).

In 2015, the US company Northern General Leasing LCC (NGL), owned by Ross Perot Jr., was allowed to buy two Norwegian F-5 fighters dirt cheap, for 116,000 NOK ($13,500) apiece, which is well below the market price. Furthermore, the Norwegian authorities have no evidence of how the former Norwegian fighter aircraft are being used, the Norwegian daily Aftenposten reported.

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WNU Editor: Wow .... what a perfect toy for a billionaire who likes to fly. Your own jet fighter .... and you have two of them.

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