Monday, May 8, 2017

Iran Test-Fires High Speed Torpedo

© AFP 2017/ EBRAHIM NOROOZI / Jamejamonline

Sputnik: Iran Test-Fires High Speed Torpedo Near Strait of Hormuz - Reports

Iran test-fired a high speed torpedo near the Strait of Hormuz, US media reported on Monday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The test took place near the strategic shipping route on Sunday, NBC News reported citing US defense officials.

Last week, Fox News reported citing Pentagon officials that an Iranian Yono-class submarine had attempted a missile launch on March 2 but the test failed.

Iran said in February that it had successfully test-fired a missile from a submarine.

During a presidential election debate on Friday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for writing "provocative" anti-Israel messages on ballistic missiles before testing them.

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WNU Editor: The NBC report that first posted this story is here .... Iran Test Fires High-Speed Torpedo Sunday (NBC). This Iranian test is on the heels of last week's failed cruise missile test .... Iran Failed In Launching A Cruise Missile From A Submarine (May 3, 2017).

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