Friday, May 12, 2017

Is Russia Laughing At The U.S.?

WNU Editor: Yup. They never thought they had this much power to decide a U.S. election .... especially when facing the billions that candidates spend on U.S. elections, and the massive U.S. main stream media that covers it 24/7. :)

But on a more serious note .... in Russia when this topic is being discussed (and I have been a part of some of this discussion on radio), the overwhelming consensus in Moscow is that before the election everyone in the U.S. political establishment and in the media predicted unequivocally that Hillary Clinton was going to win the Presidency. They were proven spectacularly wrong .... and have been embarrassed by it. What we are now seeing is the political establishment and the main stream media in full battle mode to delegitimize the President and to preserve their status while explaining why they were so wrong last year. And as bloody as the past 4 months have been politically .... here is an easy prediction .... it is going to get worse.


fred lapides said...

there is a train wreck coming and you blithly ignore it...check back down the rails

B.Poster said...


There is likely a "train wreck" coming and it is most likely the Democrat party who is going to suffer the wreck. Essentially those who cannot adjust to reality and act accordingly are generally going to be doomed to failure. At present, this is the case for the Democrat party.

Perhaps the worst part about this is the reckless stupidity pushed by certain people of so called Russian collusion in the election is this has very likely upended what had been careful diplomatic efforts to negotiate an end to Cold War II.

When reading the editor's post yesterday evening about how the Russians might have bugged the White House, I remember thinking to myself "this is plum embarrassing surely the rest of the world does not think we are all as stupid as the media people and others who pushed this" and "some people are 'to stupid to know they are stupid,'", as is the case of the authors of that particular piece and the personnel who pushed it.

As such, it is not just the Russians who are laughing at us. We've likely become the laughing stock of the whole world. So, yes there is a train wreck coming and it will definitely include the Democrat party UNLESS they can adjust to reality and start behaving accordingly.

Unfortunately the Democrat train wreck may take the entire country with it. Since the Democrats and their media allies are unlikely to be able to make the adjustment to reality and behave accordingly, the goal for serious leaders needs to be contain the damage to the train wreck so it is limited strictly to the Democrats and their allies in the government and the media.


The tweet by DJT is absolutely spot on as is your editor comment. The US has had essentially 4 failed presidencies in a row. The situation for America has now become so dire that the nation cannot afford another failed presidency. In addition to laughing at us, the Russian leadership no doubt wakes up each morning grateful that the problems their nation faces are not nearly as dire as what American faces. Furthermore they must be flabbergasted by the fact that instead of working earnestly to fix the problems America faces the "establishment" instead chooses to waste energy on the fake news of Russian interference the in election.

It really does seem that certain people upon the recognition that their power cannot be preserved as it was and to continue the status quo as it has been will mean the end of the country is to first deny, deny reality, and then deny it again. Upon failure here simply hasten the destruction of the country rather than make room for the necessary changes!! This is either a special kind of stupid, special kind of evil, or both.

In your comment, you correctly point out the massive media coverage and the money spent on elections in the US. As such, any collusion the Russians could possibly implement would just be a drop in the bucket and would be unlikely to be able to affect the outcome. As such, such a claim requires extraordinary proof which requires extraordinary evidence and so far, as you point, no evidence has been presented let along the extraordinary evidence that would be needed to support such a claim.

Furthermore given the potential dire consequences all sources and methods of how such evidence was obtained would need to be released and thoroughly explained to the American people. So far we not only have yet to see this evidence but we have yet to see the sources and methods of how it was obtained.

So, yes we and the Democrats have become the laughing stock of the world. For a major power to be laughed at and to look stupid is distressing to some. To others who are either to stupid to know they are stupid or are to blinded by ideology to realize their misguided thought processes, its business as usual at least until the train wreck hits them!! As stated, at this point, probably the only thing that can be done is to try and mitigate the damage limiting it to these people.

War News Updates Editor said...

And here I was last night wondering where B Poster is. :)

Jay Farquharson said...

Question asked,

Question answered,

"WNU Editor: Yup. They never thought they had this much power to decide a U.S. election .... especially when facing the billions that candidates spend on U.S. elections, and the massive U.S. main stream media that covers it 24/7. :)"

As Cambridge Analetics showed 17 times so far, you don't need to get millions out to vote, or get millions not to vote, you only need to influence a few hundred thousand both ways,

And you can now do it via Social media, using targetted infometrics, trolls, bots, and algorythms using data bought from Big Data.